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    I'm looking for...

    I'm looking for: Caterpie Pidgey Ekans Nidoran(M) Paras Grimer Kabuto Tangela Starmie Moltres Mewtwo Politoed For these pokèmon i can trade all sinnoh-dex pokèmon, GBA pokèmon insertion from LF and Emerald and all starters. I can trade leggendaries to leggandaries
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    I Look for a Magby Shiny

    I look for Magby shiny I can trade:Lugia, Manaphy or Phione Please!
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    I look for....

    I look for: deoxys, 3 Rejis, Latios and Latias MewTwo And I can trade for this: Manaphy Lugia Palkia Mew shiny Munchlax Magby or others ... Is there anyone interested in them?