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    Legit Untouched Level 40 Timid Latios For Trade

    I have a Legit Untouched Level 40 Timid Latios for trade. Looking for some Modest or Adamant legends. I may accept shinies and EV trained Pokemon, just depends on the Pokemon. Open for offers.
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    Looking For Legit Modest Mystry Mew

    I have some legends of my own to trade, just ask. I also got a shiny legit Latias to trade.
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    Shiny Latias For Trade

    I have many cloned, otherwise legit, Shiny Latias (Yellow) for trade. I'm looking for some Modest or Adamant legends. That's all. Lvl 99 and under only, since I can't do much with a lvl 100. While I'm here, I also got all the starters and Adamant Elekids with Ice Punch, Fire Punch and...
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    Trading All Starters and Adamant Elekid With IceP/CrossC/FireP for Any Legend

    I got all the starters at level 1. Also got some Adamant Elekids with Ice Punch, Cross Chop, and Fire Punch. All I want is any legend, the better the nature and the legend, the better the trade. Also got some legends of my own, so feel free to ask and offer. EDIT: I also have female starters...
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    Ho-oh and other Legends for trade for Modest Legends

    Everything I got is legit including an untouched level 70 Ho-oh, semi-untouched level 45 Kyogre, untouched level 50 Azelf and untouched level 50 Uxie and another semi-untouched level 50 Uxie. Also got an untouched level 50 Moltres. Might trade other legends including Suicune, Articuno and Zapdos...
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    Johto Starters For Trade, and just about all starters

    Legends And All Starters For Trade For Any Modest Legend I got all starters, legit. You'll receive a baby lvl 1 of the starter you want. I can even get you a Modest or Adamant one if you want, might have to breed though. I just need any Modest Legend and Kabuto. I can trade some legendaries...
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    Looking for Gorebyss, Kabuto, Treecko and Torchic

    I need Gorebyss, Kabuto, Treecko and Torchic. In exchange I got all the rest of the starters, except the two needed. I also got all the fossils, except the ones mentioned. Feel free to request a Pokemon, even if not a starter or fossil, I have alot for trade.
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    Will trade Legendary Birds from XD and LG

    Looking for a Modest/Timid Raikou and Bold/Modest Suicune. Entei is optional. I have a Timid Articuno, Hardy Zapdos, and Lonely Moltres untouched. If you really have some rarities, like Jirachi, Mew, Deoxys, and whatnot, then I also got the XD Articuno and Moltres untouched. Quirky XD...
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    Got Modest Palkia?

    I am trying to get a Modest Palkia. I have Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Suicune, Kyogre and a Shiny Crobat. If anything catches your eye, then let me know. Interesting trades accepted.
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    Legendaries and a Shiny Crobat for trade

    Legendaries for trade I have a Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Suicune and Kyogre. Pokemon interested in: Deoxys, Celebi, Jirachi, and Manaphy. Items interested in: Liechi Berry and other Stat enhancing berries. Also need one of each from these families: Gorebyss, Kabuto, Torchic...