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  1. K

    Comparison for School

    Okay guys, some help here, I need you to throw out which three final stage Pokemon you think look most like Digimon. I'll take the three mentioned most often and use them for my paper. Thanks in advance. ;088;
  2. K

    Future Pre-Elite 4 Diamond Team

    I`d like to note that the first four I`m using for sure. I`d like to know whether I should use the Mimiroppu or Lucario. Dotaitos Light Screen Synthesis Earthquake Rest Umbreon Mean Look Baton Pass Double Team Faint Attack Espeon Psychic Shadow Ball Grass Rope...
  3. K

    I`m such an idiot...

    I was training my level 27 Houndoom, alone, in Magma Cavern and forgot that since I`ve defeated Rayquaza I can fight Groudon again. So, without thinking, I saved at the mid-point. Now I can`t manage to beat Groudon, even with Solarbeam, and I can`t leave. Anyone have any suggestions on what I...
  4. K


    As could be supposed, Wigglytuff isn`t around in my game. Do you have to do something special for her to show or something? Thanks.