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    I've had this idea floating around for a while, but have been struggling with how to present it. And somewhere along the line, this occurred to me. I have no idea if it can be effective or interesting in the long run, but I'm going to give it a shot and would really adore feedback on it. This...
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    Hypnosis [Original fic/Supernatural]

    Hey, all... there's so much amazingly delicious drama here that I had to involve myself. And meanwhile, I started writing something, so it works perfectly. This was supposed to be for NaNo, but I epically phailed at that, so it's on my own time, I guess... I'd really like to finish it. The...
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    State of Mind [A Short Story in 3 Parts]

    Well. This is a short story, State of Mind, presented in three parts. Thrilling. Original fiction, might I add. It's late now, and I don't have much to say about it. I'm pretty damn proud of this, and really encourage any and all crit of it. I feel like I'm supposed to write an essay here...
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    Misconception (Repost)

    >< I started writing this again for some reason. I don't know why. I like it, though. For all the *****ing and moaning I do about OT fics, I do like them, and I do like writing them. So I guess as long as I'm off hiatus, I might as well give you all an opportunity to ***** and moan at me...
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    Preview: Leviathan IV: The Abdomination of Soddom: A Soldier's Conrete Sunrise

    This was co-written by Flaming Lip, who also came up with the title and is responsible for my favorite sentence in the entire thing. What is it? Why, the greatest thing either of us has ever written (and better than anything you've ever coughed up, for sure). Bask in its wonderful gloriness...
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    Inverse Thinking (Horrible title only i existance b/c need to title this thread)

    Inverse Thinking NaNoWriMo 07. Woohoo. This story does not yet have a title. I resent having to give it one. For anyone who sees the correlation between this and Reflect, my fanfic work, its because I figured that approaching NaNo with a format (and characters templates) that I had...
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    Old Dog, New Tricks

    Tommy Glavine ^^; Done as a forshortening experiment for school art class, and in a bit of a rush xD Wewt?
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    Safe at Second: Jose Reyes

    Not much explanation about this, except that it looks much better in person and I wish I had photoshop or something so I could color it.
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    It's a *tad* late, but...

    Jaromir Jagr after the Czech Republic won the bronze medal at the Olympics back in February. I had started this, but I never finished his face. I did my best with it, but the pic I had chosen to do was very strange as far as the eyes go. I replicated the squint the best I could, but I'm not...
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    North Ferry

    Alrighty. Well, here's something that's been circling my head for few weeks now. Its more of an excersize in tone and minorly description than a masterful work of thrill and plot, but take it for what you will. I'd appreciate if anyone would keep a sharp eye for grammar flubs and typos. I typed...
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    Act's Experimental Banner Shop

    Hey, all.... I had this crazy idea to banner-ize some digital drawings I did, and I realized that I need motivation, so I might as well enlist you people :P These things I did art sort of cartoony; they're not really meant to be photoshop-esque masterpieces, and I guess I'm sort of on a quest...
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    The Mary-Sue ABC's

    So, uh, I rolled out of bed and decided to do a mass edit on this. I wrote it like two years ago, and pulled it out of my hard drive because I was insanely bored. *shrug* and that one-shot contest is going on and I totally suck at one-shots, so I figured I'd best use one I already have. I tried...
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    A quick piece of MapleStory fanart :3

    Hehhee... http://artpad.art.com/?ix9qjz15xbc8 *shrug* I might do some more later. It needs some work, but I'm proud of it xD.
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    OMG, it's the King from Sweden!

    I present, King Henrik (Henke the Great) of NYC... Henrik Lundqvist: x)
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    Here's a question...

    In a fic, should I write out abbreviations such as Dr. (doctor) and Mr. (mister)? If so, should I write out Miss and Missus as well? Don't know which is considered best. Do help xD
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    My Sketches, doodles, and portaits--

    Hello. I had a thread here, but it definitely died. I don't draw anime stuff and I will *never* color or ink any of my sketches, because I am confident that it will ruin them. So, um, enjoy? Oh, and feedback and critique are always appreciated. Artpad Paintings (line game)...
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    Catching a Pokemon: See Battles?

    Here's an interesting question I'm wrestling with. In an OT, does the reader prefer to see every battle the trainer has with pokemon that will become permanent or semi-permanent fixtures on the team, or is an implied victory okay? Here's the situation: In 'Misconception' Gina's attempting to...
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    Reflect (title pending)

    EMG, the Mets pwn j00! :D:D:D:D Welcome to Reflect, the winner of the 2006 "Most Unique Storyline," and "Best Usage of Subtlety (whatever the hell that means)." Whether I should be scared or flattered by this is up for debate. Warnings, Contents, and other stuffs... Please, read the...
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    The first chapter sucks. I willingly admit it. It hates me. I've tried to fix it and it doesn't work. I'm a bad author, so sue me. --- Why, hello. Some of you will recognize this fic. The first chapter is a revision, though not as heavy as I'd have liked, as I rushed it when Negrek told me...