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    Piglet with Monkeys face born in China.

    Link to article The picture looks like it may be a hoax, but I'm willing to believe it. It'll be interesting to see what it look like fully matured, it's longer back legs are very intriguing. I'm expecting to see videos of the pigs jumping ability surface in the next few days. Discuss.
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    Leon Has Sprites. Like OMGWTFBBQ.

    *Sigh* Like 5th sprite thread on SPPf or something >< Mainly because I never get any replies. Anyway, enough whining, here be me sprites. Buizel repose. Cookies to whoever guess what the base is. Bunearfree. Charmander Pose. Guess the base. Combuskeasel. Cubone Repose. Guess the base...
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    MS Paint Help.

    I recently removed the Tool bar from my MS Paint, and do not have a clue on how to get it back. I've read all the help related to the problem on Paints help system, but no solouitions arise. So can anyone help? Much appreciated. XXXO.
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    Generic Sprite Thread

    Yet again, my previous sprite thread dyed. Bum. So, here is a new one, full of good stuff (: C&C Greatly appreciated, and open to suggestions. Bayleef, completely redone to look like a Buizel. Cubone, made to look like a Charmander. Combuskeasel. Charmander, made to look...
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    Dragon Scale

    Could someone please tell me specifically where the Dragon Scale is in LG? I know it's in the water path, but I'd like a more precise answer, so I don't have to spend to much time hunting. Thanks. --Leon--
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    Human/Pokemon Shipping.

    Just a though I had last night that I need clearing up. Human/Pokemon ships, would that be considered Bestiality?
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    Leons General Store.

    Hello all, welcome to thine shop. I can do fusions, recolors, eggs, pokeballs and TC's. Examples! [Fusion] [Trainer Recolor] [Pokemon Recolor] [Egg] [Pokeball] [TC] Forms: [TC] Template(Choose from this link)Templates= Pokemon 1= (Male, Female) (Shiny, Regular) Pokemon 2= (Male, Female)...
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    Leons Sprites Of.. Spriteness?

    Before I start.. these sprites are not stolen, I have 2 accounts. "Leoniffic" Should be deleted soon. Arbok/Dragoniar. Tail crystals and Belly shades suck. Buizel pokeball. Oh how basic. Chikorita/Turtwig. Tis cute X3 Chikorita egg. Basic. Demon Pikachu. One word, MINT...
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    Emerald Team

    Okay, im just at the league, about to take them on, and this is my team. Blaziken/ Pheonix (F) Hardy Flamethrower Slash Sky Uppercut Bulk UP Flygon/ Sakura (F) Sassy Crunch Dragon Claw Earthquake Sandstorm Magneton/ Kaori Bold Thunderbolt Spark Tri-attack Thunder Wave...
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    Leon's Request Store

    Hey, welcome to my request shop! i can do TCs, mixes, eggs, pokeballs, recolors, and trainer mixes/recolors. TCs: Trainer: provide link Name: Pokemon:Emerald sprites, ruby/sapphire sprites, Pinball R/S sprites or Pokesho Sprites. Pokemon behind trainer...
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    Ye Olde Request Shope!

    Welcome to my new shop, i dont do much, but what i do, i do well! any way heres a list of what i can do plus the forms for them: Mixes: Mix poke 1= Mix poke 2= Base= Eggs: pokemon: Limbed or regular? Trainers: Trainer 1: Trainer 2...
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    Super Trainer Cards, Eggs,Mixes and Recolors!

    sing the title to the tune of "supercalifradjulisticexpealidocious" from mary poppins and it will make sense. we can do: TC's, mixes, recolours, pokeballs, eggs, trainer sprites and banners! examples>my sprites dodrios examples (banners in dodrios sig, trainer sprite in my TC) 1: all the...
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    Harus sprires V.2

    hey, back with more sprites after honing my skills, so how are they?? Mewlava Growlita (stripes are scratch) Chicaquil Charmew (stomach colours are scratch) Ablava Marodactyl (tail is scratch) me trainer style charlava perseon crobaros elecko
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    Haru's Sprites!!

    Hi these are my first sprites, if their rubbish just tell me im new to spriting anways...... a groudon egg and...... my fan character Ritchie!!! so post wat ya think!! please?? (if anyone can do WBG, can they help me) Sprites are now up for adoption...