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    Does the Ditto trick still work?

    The Ditto item cloning glitch still work? I can't remember how exactly you execute it, but if it still works in the US version I'd like to know. If it does still work, could someone tell me how to do it? I need an easy was to get Dusk/Dawn/Shiny Stones/TMs.
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    Rival's name

    I know it seems pretty unimportant, but what is the name of the D/P rival? Not Lukas or Dawn but the guy in the green coat. I didn't see this anywhere else, and I figured it belongs here rather than anywhere else since it deals directly with the game. Thank you for any answers.
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    Sea Capture Challenge

    I would put this in the Ranger Help Thread, but it's gone now. What happened to it anyway? I can't find Psyduck anywhere. I captured the 2 necessary Staryu and Starmie, but I can't find him. The site says it's in the bottom left side in the shadows of a sunken ship, but where the heck is...
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    switching off e-mail

    Iv'e had this problem for a while now, but can't figure out how to fix it. On my options, the boxes "revieve e-mail form admnistators" and "receive e-mail from other members" are checked. Iv'e unchecked them dozens of times, and clicked save changes, but if you click on my username "send water...
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    Sketch question

    I'm not sure where to put this, but I have a question. Can Sketch copy Shadow attacks, I checked the attackdex, and it didn't say anything about Shadow attacks? If they can be copied, can they be kept,and traded to another game? I would assume not, but I don't know, after this is answered, it...
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    Battle Tower help

    I need help in the Battle Tower, mainly I need a good Milotic counter. I use Swampert@ Lum Berry/Modest(I think) Surf Ice Beam EQ Strength(Rest maybe?) Salamence@ Leftovers/Serious(not sure) Flamethrower Crunch Brick Break Fly(Aerial Ace?) Gardevior@Shell Bell/I can't remember...
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    Favorite Badge

    I think this goes here. I did a search and there's nothing like this yet. It won't fit in Pokepolls because theres more than 10 badges. Anyway what's your favorite badge. Mine's the Rising Badge from Claire, because it looks so cool. Although I also like the Earth badge.
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    what happened

    Since there's no glitch discussion, I'll ask it here. In Orre Colosseum in XD My Espeon used Bite which has an accuracy of 100 and it missed! The opponent I used it on didn't raise it's evasivness, or use Protect or Detect, and Espeon did not have lowered Accuracy. Has this happened to anyone...
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    Battle Pike team help

    I keep dying against stupid Lucy!!! I'm thinking about replacing Gardevior@ Focus Band Synchronize Shadow Ball(I'm geting rid of it, I'd just like to breed it to somone, so the TM isn't wasted) Psychic Thunderbolt Toxic Swampert@Mystic Water(changing the item to maybe Cheri Berry if I...
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    Blissey Moveset and team rates

    What moves would be good for Blissey? I was thinking: Blissey w/Leftovers Counter Seismic Toss Ice Beam Thunderbolt or Softboiled I'd be using it with this team: Salamence w/Lum Berry? Flamethrower Crunch Fly(would replace with Aerial Ace but have no TM) Brick Break Gardevior w/...