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    Missed opportunity with Rattata

    Why it’s shiny form was never white with red eyes.
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    Cherubi discussion

    First, I think the smaller parasitic twin or underdeveloped twin is the cutest Pokémon ever made. But I feel bad for it. It’s always smiling but being banged around, and eventually gets absorbed and shrivels up before evolution. Does it have feelings and think independently? Most cherries grow...
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    Breeding and transfer question

    I read Pokémon transferred into LOA from other games will be in a strange ball, will they remain in a strange ball if transferred back to another game like sw/sh? Is it a breedable ball? What about the other pokeballs in LOA will Pokémon stay in them if transferred to other games? Breeding...
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    Can you import and evolve red and blue basculin from previous games in legends?
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    Past and Future Pokémon

    Is it confirmed that in the games one will take place in the past, and one in the future? I had an idea that past Pokémon would be called “primal” Pokémon; similar to primal Groudon and Kyogre. It makes sense to keep that form name. What do you think future Pokémon might be called?
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    Go Fest 2022

    What’s your thoughts? Poor spawn rates, incense did little to help, Pokémon run easily, very low shiny rate, and they raised coin prices for 3 remote raid passes! Awful event. How is this crook company still running
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    Flabebe colors

    Will the rare worldwide orange and white flabebe show those colors if at a nearby pokestop, or are they like shinies where you click and they’ll appear a different color? Haven’t seen one special one yet and I caught over a hundred flabebe
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    Is this a GTS hack?

    I’ve been doing crazy amount of GTS trades lately on my Ultra Sun, working on Charmander because there are so many just sitting there! I notice after I do a trade often I find another listing from the exact trainer asking for the same Pokémon. Or, I’ll do a trade and immediately notice another...
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    Hype over Post Malone performance for Pokémon 25 years concert

    Let’s see who’s hyped! Is Katy Perry also performing? Thoughts on who they chose?
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    Dream Radar help needed

    Hey guys, I have a dream radar question I could not find answered in older posts. I only have two Pokémon I need to catch, smoochum and spiritomb. Both I read are easy to get when searching blue orbs. I’m having great difficulty getting many blue orbs, I hit a few but my search is never blue...
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    What Pokémon/ball combinations are highly prized to import into SW/SH

    I breed on US and want to know what Pokémon/pokeball combinations are highly prized to import into sword and shield?
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    LF: fast ball doduo in US

    Prefer if it’s level 1 from egg hatch but any doduo in a fast ball will do, must be able to be traded to ultra sun.
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    Breeding deerling in US/UM

    I’m very confused on this. Im trying to get Summer form Deerling in Nest ball. I’m breeding Male Fall form in Nest ball with Female Summer form in Premier ball. All I get is summer form in premier balls? Ive also tried to breed the HA serene grace. Tried breeding both same form of deerling...
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    Pokémon TCG for the Switch

    I hope Nintendo remakes Pokémon TCG for the switch, to teach kids how to play the card game like they used to have years ago on Gameboy color
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    These issues with raids...

    First issue for any raid is constantly having to click on a gym to see if anyone is actually in. I think if the timer was red for empty and green when at least one person is in it would be so much easier to find active raids. Second issue is the problem of backing out of remote raids and losing...
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    Tyrunt, Archen, Amaura pokeballs

    I’m on the GTS and aquired these in pokeballs like dusk, premier, and dive balls and it allows me to breed and trade them. According to the database here they are PokéBall only fossil mon. So which pokeballs can they be in I am confused?
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    Do you still use wondertrade and GTS for this gen?

    GTS is full of rare Pokémon for easy trades and wondertrade in US/UM S/M, I have gotten many rare or shiny Pokémon. People should go on more especially since this is an easy way to get Pokémon hard to find in sword and shield or to import to those games for breeding.
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    Are these ball combinations possible to breed in US/UM?

    Heavy ball- Shelmet, Karrablast, Solrock, Lunatone Moon ball- Solrock, Lunatone
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    Weird scene in sun/moon

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    Best pokeball for Ditto?

    Out of all the balls it can be caught in, which ball in is most prized by collectors?