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    Rate my ingame Y team!

    Please and thank you! BTW, it's an ingame team that I use at the Battle Maison sometimes. Chesnaught @ Leftovers Impish (+Def/-SAtk) ~ Leech Seed ~ Spiky Shield ~ Seed Bomb ~ Brick Break Charizard @ Charizardite Y Modest (+SAtk/-Atk) ~ Flamethrower ~ Air Slash ~ Solarbeam ~ Focus...
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    Why don't Colosseum and XD get more love?

    Title explains it all really. I've just been wondering why more people haven't played the Gamecube 3rd Gen games. I've also heard that a lot of people don't like them as much as the GBA games. Why is this? Do people hate double battles that much? Are they just too used to playing the games on...
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    Tentative Ruby Team

    Hey guys. Just thought I'd post a team I'm about to build for an evil character in a fanfic I wanna write. Let me know what you think! Tyranitar @ Leftovers Quiet (+Atk/-SAtk) ~ Substitute ~ Focus Punch ~ Thunderbolt ~ Crunch Signature Pokémon on team with Sand Stream to provide extra support...
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    Is this true about Blaziken?

    I read on Wikipedia just now that the female Blaziken has shorter hair than the male Blaziken. Has anyone noticed this? I hadn't heard about this before...
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    Elite 4 Issues

    Which Elite 4 trainer did you have the most problems with in the Hoenn 3rd Gen games? For me it was Drake. I could never deal with his Flygons or his Salamence for the longest time.
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    Proposed Colosseum Team

    Hey everyone. Just posting a team I hope to finalize in Colosseum. I just have one rule with this team...all the Pokémon on it except one must be obtainable in the game. Here's the team. Umbreon @ Leftovers Bold (+Def/-Atk) ~ Faint Attack ~ Moonlight ~ Toxic ~ Protect Trollol. Espeon @...
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    Hey guys. I joined the forums a couple of weeks ago but am still finding my way around so I thought I'd say hi!