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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    i need a fletchling with gale wings and a gible with rough skin. just these two. doesnt matter what level or what nature i need the HA to breed. must be female.. (i mean obviously) if you someone could give a helping hand that would be great. just pm me and ill give you my FC. cheers all.
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 5086-3392-9624 Pokemon in My Safari: Unknown Pokemon I am Looking For: Any Cheers all :D
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    5 IV pokemon GIVEAWAY!!!

    Name of pokemon: Rotom #1 and some Mystery Eggs please. IGN: Zephyr 3ds Name: Simple 3ds FC: 5086 3392 9624 Pokerus: Clean Nicknames: None thanks for the awesome effort to please us ;D
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    AlbinoDino's 24/7 Egg Move Pokemon Giveaway

    Name: Froakie with HA Gender: Female Pokerus: Clean Name: Charmander with HA (Set 2) Gender: Female Pokerus: Clean Name: Bulbasaur with HA Gender: Any Pokerus: Clean Thanks A Bunch :D FC: 5086 - 3392 - 9624