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  1. Marika_CZ

    New term for PMD stories without actual dungeons/exploring/rescuing?

    Discussed couple of times on bulbagarden forums... crossposting here because I think it is interesting and relevant in general. We often use "PMD" for stories set in universe where Pokemon exist (usually!) without humans, they can speak English and have their own society/civilisation resembling...
  2. Marika_CZ

    Beta Reader Request(s)

    Hello. So after completing a short story and posting it here and on some other sites around the internet, it has become clear I will need some beta reading by native speakers next time I want to write in English (not my native language). After getting a review from Negrek, his comments inspired...
  3. Marika_CZ

    The Missing One [T, mystery, shortfic]

    THE MISSING ONE (A three part short story) Synopsis: A young Pokémon trainer wakes up one day realizing that the world has been changed somehow. Furthermore an unknown person has disappeared. The trainer has no idea how this happened or who is the missing person - but he sets out to discover...