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    Pokémon Emerald Version 3: The Better Version! [PG-13]

    Pokémon Emerald Version 3: The Better Version! [PG-13] Pokémon Emerald Version 3 The Better Version A fanfic by Zibdas Essentially a rewrite of Pokémon Emerald, with enough zest to not bore you. Enjoy. Chapter 1: Meet May “This sucks,” a male voice moaned out of sheer boredom. A dull...
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    ~PG-13~ Zub 2: Road Trip to the Funny Farm [of DOOM!]

    Zub 2: Road Trip to the Funny Farm [of doom] another fanfic by Zibdas This is a sequel to my first fic, Zub: The Adventures of Stuff. While not a direct sequel per se, and is therefore not required reading, this plays directly off of events and characters within The Adventures of Stuff, making...
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    Worst Superhero Ever?

    Exactly as the title says. For me I'd say Aqua Man. Unless some villain is attacking the dolphins, he's pretty much useless. He can't even summon sushi.
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    [PG-13] Zub: The Adventure of Stuff

    Zub: The Adventure of Stuff a fanfic by Zibdas "My mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say to someone, don't blow your nose in their hands." -our motto and inspiration Now withe a TVtropes page. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated! Now with a Character List...
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    Across the Final Tide [One-Shot] [PG]

    The captain of the S.S. Libra smiled vigorously. After being shipnapped by a flying shadowy demon, the Libra had finally made it out to sea. On a glorious day like this, it was no wonder why the entire crew was feeling great, let alone even the passengers. The luxurious cruise line carried on...
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    Deus ex Machinas

    Do you use deus ex machinas? Or rather, do you think it is acceptable to use one in any place of your writing? For those don't know, a deus ex machina is when a complicated or seemingly inescapable situation is suddenly solved or brought to a conclusion by an abrupt, seemingly random...
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    TV with no picture?

    Okay, so I've been begging my parents for a TV for practically forever. So they finally gave me theirs. ...but it has no pictures. You can hear the sounds fine, but no pictures. It's Vizio and about a year old if that helps. Can anyone tell me what's wrong or how I can fix it without...
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    The Kingdom (PG-13)

    http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/102/banzibdas.png So... yeah. My first real fic. An outline of the fic can be found here. So, I hope y'all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this. Rated PG-13 for potential violence and profanity, as well as dark themes Chapter 1- The Chapter...
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    The (un, ssh!)Official Cave Story Thread

    Anyone else here play the beautiful game that is Cave Story? As you may or may not know, the official Cave Story 3D site now has concept art for Balrog, Misery, King, Curly Brace, Sue, and Quote! Fun stuff right there. <3
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    Ball of Ballos (A (first?) Cave Story Fanfic

    Introduction “Argh, you made a no-no in the house again?!” Jenka scolded her smallest puppy, Nene, in one of her classic, Jenka-styled rages. “Listen to me, young puppy. No cookies! Maybe just for tonight…or maybe forever. I dunno. Maube tens of thousands of years, where I’ll just sit there...
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    What makes a great game?

    What do you think makes a great game? I personally think that there should be a lot of secrets, with interesting fights and good character development.
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    Your first week?

    What was your first week like?
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    Best Video Game Music?

    Exactly as the title says. It could be epic, strange, whatever. Personally, I've always really liked Roar of the Departed Souls from Lost Odyssey, despite the fact that I've never played the game. But it definitely isn't my favourite. And I can't choose. So haha on me.
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    Heavy Rain or Drought?

    Which 'panic' theme do you like more, Heavy Rain or Drought? Drought was played in Ruby when Groudon appeared. Heavy Rain was played in Emerald/Sapphire. In case you don't remember, this is Drought and this is Heavy Rain
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    The Strangeness of Orre

    Post strange things about Orre here. To get the barrel rolling, when you encounter Nascour in the Realgam Colosseum, the crowd shouts "Kill! Kill! Kill!" ovar and ovar again. O_O
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    Serebii or Bulbapedia?

    Which do you think is the better Pokemon resource?
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    I'm bored, thought of this and thought it sounded like fun. What you do is list a real life food that is made with Pokemon. EXAMPLE: Anorith Cocktail Get it? Your turn.
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    A quick question

    Hello, not exactly new here, but is there any way I could turn off smilies in my sig? Thanks in advance.