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    ----->Airline Security<-----

    Since that bomb plot in detroit was discovered and thankfully stopped by the brave passengers on the plane, there has been a lot of talk on the news lately about airport security things like full body scans and name analysis my belief is that things like full body scans should be used more...
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    One person in history you would love to get rid of entirely?

    Well I just randomly started thinking about this and so why not make a thread So anyway What is the one person in history that you would love to just remove from history as if they never existed? My choice would definetly be Adolf Hitler, that man did horribe things and was a waste of...
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    What country would you want to move to the most/least?

    Well I have always had a place i dream of moving to so what about you? What country would you love to move and live in, would you rather stay where you live, and what country would you least want to live in? Currently i live in the U.S. and I love it, but I would love to move to...
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    Your Opinion On global warming, and what should humanity do about it?

    My friend and I were argueing about the whole enviromental issues facing the world today, personally i do believe global warming is definetly happening and that its not naturally occuring, that humanity is excellerating it. I also think that all countries that are able to do something should...
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    Does Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days use the touch screen?

    my touch screen doesnt work at all, and i really want to get the new kindom hearts game, so i want to know if you need the touch screen to play it?
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    Game help...not video game, serebii game ^.^''

    ok, well i have a game on the games forum section, and its running pretty smoothly but, i end up having to update it a few times once there are ten lines in each poem (and incase you have no idea what im talking about this is my gamehttp://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=418126) and I...
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    ---~Claim A Place~---

    Well I checked for the Claiming threads and As far as I an See there isnt a claim a place thread, if there is and i missed it please close this : ) So here what you do is You can Claim a place/location in the world, whether it be a City, Province, Town, State, Country, etc. no claiming things...
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    Get Backers

    I recently started watching the get backers, and i absolutely adore it,, I love Ginji and Kazuki the most http://hk.geocities.com/whynw_gb/i_ginji01.gif ginji <3.. not a very good picture of him but still http://www.geocities.com/yukito_angel/kazuki.jpg Kazuki-kun <3 then heres...
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    I read it in class today and absolutely love it...and we are watching the movie...so i geuss i'd start a thread about it, because im hoping there are others who like it >.> anyways... the only thing that kind of annoyed me about the movie was that Hrothgar is Grendels father? wtf? ugh i...
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    What would you do for a Klondike bar? ...wtf?

    ok well i was sitting in my room when i started singing that song (thats not healthy O.o) and so i decided to ask this random question -.- be creative! What would you do for a klondike bar? I think i would ask for one >.> then maul the person who didnt give me it god this is what...
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    Does wigglytuff creep you out as much as he does me?

    Wigglytuff just freaks me out! hes soo creepy and i stilll think he should be a she how do you feel about wigglytuff, and who is your fav. mystery dungen character? mines Grovyle of course
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    Technical Problems with my DS, help needed, im getting annoyed

    ok well i went on the nintendo custmoer service, and it didnt help at ll with my problems so i was hoping someone on serebii would ; ) well here are the problems: somtimes the sleep mode doesnt work right, idk how to exactly decribe it but when a game is in it, a ds game, and i shut it...
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    Pokemon Poetry *EnGagEd*

    Well, this is my first attempt at a game, so here it goes: Basically what your supposed to do is Right a line about anything having to do with the current theme. And if your line is the tenth line in the poem, You get to choose the next theme, so remember everyone NUMBER you line so we no...
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    Well i'm sure everyone has heard a few stereotypes, or have a few of thier own, what stereotypes do you find most offensive, flattering, funny, stupid or whatever? I personally do stereotypealot of things, which i know i really shouldn't the one i find somewhat insulting but funny is...
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    Trainer Sprite...my first would love some critism

    i got bored a few day ago and started this trainer sprite, and i'm really pretty horrible at spriting and would luv some tips ^.^ XD i use MS paint : 3 so here it is (the dragonair is pretty messed up) the two thing i did lurn to do XD was save it as png and make the white smaller XD...
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    Role Models

    Who are good modern role models, and what makes one? Mine is Steve Irwin, an all in all great man who believed in the protection and conservation of the worlds enviroment and its creatures, I look forward to following in most of his footsteps
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    Evolutions that you don't think should have happened or weren't done right

    In pokemon diamond/pearl there were new evolutions and some of them I liked and others i did not care much for. basically say what evolution you think could have been designed better, should not have been done at all, or what you think of the way in evolves you can also state your favorite...
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    What color is you Hair? --its simple enough XD

    Well i'm sure this has been done sooo...im bored and decidd to ask What is your hair color? Im a Blonde
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    In Game and Battle Frontier team, rate it, you know you want to!

    In Game and Battle Frontier team, ps. rawr :3 Nature: Gentle( item@- ????) Lv.79 ability: Synchcronize moves: Moonlight Dig Assurance Faint Attack Nature: Adamant (item@-????) Lv. 81 ability: Inner Focus moves: outrage fly...
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    Whats your favorite bug type in Diamond/Pearl?

    Well I usually can't stand bug types but I have found a favorite, my favorite bug type out of all of the bugs is Mothim ;414; i just think it looks amazing : ] whats your favorite bug? or do you not have any? and why?