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    I am still thinking why a good anime like this haven't got any thread. Either it has been closed or SAO is just too overated......... It might seems to follow the same plot as SAO or .hack// as the online game world where you cannot escape and psychologic change of the people that has been...
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    Is Ghetesis Twist become Reality in Adventures ?

    So after seeing people here believe that Ghetesis strongly would become main villain like in BW2 I suggest it wouldn't be like that. Because so far the manga have Different endings. And so the Writters is a master of Twist, they could make more interesting twist than that. Because that twist is...
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    Holder of Glacier Badge in World Tournament Championship?

    So I have been thinking of there might be someone who replaced Pryce or he would come back to hold the Glacier Badge(Which is the least theory possibilities) because I think that is the crucial part of World Tournament. While anyone busy of how Pokedex Holders would react after they meet each...
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    Do you have a crush on Pokémon characters ?

    Do you have a crush on Pokémon characters ? There are many reason why everyone love pokemon, but I compile it in 3 main reason 1. You are a fan of a pokémon (You love pokémon action or love between trainer and pokémon) 2. You are a fan of it's character (like....Ash is so cool and etc) 3...
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    Favorite Quotes on Pokémon mangas

    Favorite Quotes on Pokémon mangas Emm, why we dont have such kind of this thread. Alright, let me start it. Anything about quotes can be discussed here. It is one reason why I love poké manga My favorite is when Pryce lies about perception of pokémon and tell that pokémon should be loved...
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    Another Accident

    Arghh, the same mistake I make in this forum Alright, I have posts many things even I'm still newbie I'm want to find info related on pokemon here. Nice to see you members
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    Golden Sun Series!

    A RPG and puzzle game. Even it is not famous enough in here,It was maked by Camelot Software Planning and Nintendo. I really love this game There are 3 series: Golden Sun(GBA), Golden Sun: The Lost Age(GBA), and finally Golden Sun: Dark Dawn(DS). The plot is really great. Discuss...