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    The NHL thread (for those about to Puck, we salute you)

    I'm pretty sure this got deleted, so I decided to start it up again. Let the hawkey begin! http://www.nhl.com/
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    Serperior Discussion

    Decided to put this up, as there was a decent sized (and pretty good) debate about which tier Serperior will/should be in once it gets its Hidden Ability, Contrary. For anyone unfamiliar about the snake, here's a brief bio: Base stats: 75 HP / 75 Attack / 95 Defense / 75 Special Attack / 95...
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    Drip...Drip...Drip... 6th Gen Semi-Stall

    Ever since this generation rolled around, I've had a bit of a unique fascination with stall (due to dozens of moves decreasing pretty significantly in power). Without further ado, I present my unorthodox take on a 6th gen stall team: Ferrothorn @ Leftovers (Iron Barbs) Careful...
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    Funniest quotes from TV

    Everyone's seen a few of those 'one-liner' tv quotes that are tooo funny not to forget, share'm here....
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    Odd, awkward, incredible, yet true facts about celebrities

    Here's the place where you can post all those facts about celebrities....chuck norris jokes included!
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    The quality of comedic television/movies

    I thought I'd post another poll, mainly about the quality of comedic programming. As everyone knows, nothing is better on a cruddy day than watching something funny. However, with the 1980's and 1990's inspiring numerous funny movies/tv shows, is the quality of the current ones as good?
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    BT team- 2 choices and a cross-over

    I thought I'd post my own battle-tower team...enjoy: Scizor@choice band Adamant Technician ☆U-turn ☆Wing Attack ☆Night Slash ☆Iron Head/Bullet Punch Medicham@Leftovers Hasty Huge Power □Calm Mind □Bulk Up □Substitute □Baton Pass Azelf@Choice specs/scarf Modest Levitate...
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    When do you believe the apocalypse will occur?

    With all the hype surrounding the mayan/aztec calendar, and solar/planetary activity, I thought I'd ask when you believe the destruction of all of civilization will occur....just for fun =D.
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    Does Justin Bieber count as a “celebrity”?

    I thought I'd throw up this question: Does Justin Bieber count as a "celebrity”. In most cases, celebrities have a back-story, which leads up to a career that they kinda deserve. Justin Bieber kinda sprung up out of nowhere, and has gotten a career that hasn't exactly been deserved.