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    The Woman in Black(OU Team featuring Mega-Gardevoir)

    ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Hello and welcome to my latest RMT. For those of you whom do not know, I am CedOmega, as my username suggests. Every one of my past teams has been carefully, and sometimes recklessly constructed in attempts to...
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    A New Power Within

    A New Power Within Hello everyone and welcome to my newest RMT here at Serebii. Though the team is still somewhat in its developing stage, I've decided to create a team based off the popular core of Genesect and Rotom to form VoltTurn. That said, I decided to put a twist one my once...
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    Ambipom's Return: Destination Kalos

    Hello everyone and welcome to my newest RMT. It's been quite some time since I've made a new, creative team and thought it was time to arise from my small depression and regain my creativity in building team. So here I am with you all again! As some know, Ambipom is my 3rd favorite Pokémon, just...
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    Calm Before the Storm

    Calm Before The Storm Hello Serebiians, viewers and visitors. This is CedOmega bringing to you all yet another team I've found recent success in using when battling online. This team was formed when I realized that I had neglected the use of my favored change to B2/W2 for quite some time...
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    Dissidia Introduction Hello everyone, this is CedOmega bringing to you my most recent OU team. Don't let the picture fool you, this has nothing to do with Mewtwo. Haha. It's been about a year or so since my last use of Mienshao and I've since wondered why I put down the once afamed offensive...
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    The Ballad of an Ambitious Ambipom

    ;424; The Ballad of an Ambitious Ambipom ;424; Ambipom (#Facepalm) @ Silk Scarf Trait: Technician Jolly nature EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 SDef/ 252 Spd - Fake Out - Double Hit - Low Sweep - U-turn Back in the Gen lV era, Ambipom was one of the most esteemed scouts known to the game. This is one of...
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    The Return of Accelguard! (OU Team featuring Accelgor)

    The Return of Accelguard! Hello everyone, I'm CedOmega, bringing you an all new OU team. For starters, this team is unique in the sense that it was inspired by the Mighty Accelguard as seen on episode 57 of Rival Destinies. Though now old, the episode has left a lasting impression on me...
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    Not Gonna Write You a Love Song (An OU Team featuring Meloetta)

    Hello everyone. This is CedOmega coming to you all with an all new gimmicky team that utilizes the OU use of the very much underestimated UU Meloetta. Meloetta, like most UU Pokemon, is often overlooked as being a "useless Pokemon". Contrary to this opinion is the fact that Meloetta is the...
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    Unto the Sand

    Unto the Sand[OU Sand featuring Landorus] Hello everyone! I'm CedOmega, bringing to you all a new OU RMT from myself ofcourse. I did have a very detailed, very thought out RMT to begin with, but the server "timed out" and I was unable to post it...so this is the second attempt. That said, the...
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    The Power Within!

    Hey everyone. I'm CedOmega here bringing you all a new and unique team today. So with everything on all my previous teams being so OU, I decided an unexpected change in direction was long overdue. I started by searching for about 4 days through the UU tier. Unfortunately, it was to no avail...
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    Therian Reign2(An Ou Team Revamp)

    So, I made this team with the thought that my last team was now outdated with the bann of Deoxys-D. Since I drew my focus from using Thundurus-T to Landorus-T, I knew the team would need a balance of sorts to ensure that Landorus-T would function as well as Thundurus-T did on my previous RMT(Not...
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    Not For the Weak Hearted...(First RMT here @ Serebii)

    Now that I've finally gotten my account activated, I'd like to start off my first post here with my more successful team featuring the infamous Thundurus-T. Like many competitive battlers, I fancy using Hyper Offensive teams to wipe the floor as quickly as possible. That said, the balance of the...