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    4 hours.

    I am wide awake in the early morning. I have about 4 hours to kill. Discuss.
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    Maurice Sendak's Childhood Books Thread

    An awesome author an illustrator of childhood stories died the other day. In honor of Maurice Sendak, feel free to post what your favorite book or books authored or illustrated by him from when you were a child. If you don't know who he is, feel free to look over this list on his wikipedia page...
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    I can't believe I missed the thread about oreos

    I can't believe i missed the thread about oreos!
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    Joshyeah R.I.P. Also, that Fatal guy.

    He's permabanned. I hope you're pleased with yourself, misc. good night, sweet prince. Also, good bye fatal.
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    Colons and Semi-Colons: Do they really make your terrible title and thread better?

    Those in academia have possibly noticed a rise of colon usage in paper and article titles. Let's be honest sppf. Does a colon or semi-colon really make a sppf thread title sound better? For instance, why even name a thread Rape: Can a person who was raped enjoy the experience? Is there any...
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    Animal Pole

    What kind of animal totem do you like?
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    Does society have it out for long-armed men?

    Alright, if you're a long-armed person you may know exactly what I mean. I've had long arms my whole life. Well if you have long arms, you'll usually run into that one person that looks at you and is fascinated you haven't joined the circus yet. The people that want to grab your arms and gawk at...
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    Hunting the illustrious Nintendo 64 controllers of ages past

    . . . or in other words, bel's parents probably gave away his Nintendo 64 controllers and he needs new ones. So I'm really at a loss. I am missing my atomic purple Nintendo 64 controller as well as my gray Nintendo 64 controller (as well as a few games). I did sell a few of my games...
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    Baby Storm: The "Genderless" Baby

    Before continuing to read, comment and debate, be aware that sex is the biological and physiological term, and gender is the cultural attachments that each sex receives. Furthermore there is more than just two genders, even in our own culture. Little baby Storm has sparked quite a controversy...
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    Should the National Pokedex be renamed?

    With the introduction of more Pokemon back in GSC, came new ways to organize them in the handy dandy Pokedex. There was the Johto regional Pokedex and then there was the National Pokedex which was the initial Pokedex order from RBGY and then the monsters added from GSC. This made sense because...
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    What determines a n00b in Pokemon?

    So I was thinking about this question the other day: What determines if someone is a n00b in Pokemon and competitive battling? The term n00b is tossed around the gaming world to mean someone with out skill, although it is derived from the word newbie, meaning a new player. Now in Pokemon...
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    coming back to the pokes

    Hello everyone. I've been a longtime fan of serebii.net. I even think I had an account here once... but that was a long time ago. I'm a 18 year old who is getting back into playing the pokemon games as opposed to just watching all the cool updates to the games via serebii.net. I am looking...