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    Dragon Type to Come to TCG?

    In January 2012, the "Dragon Selection" subset of TCG cards will be released. The article was later updated, referencing this listing on the Japanese Yahoo! Shopping website of the upcoming pack, which states, among other things: "Introducing Dragon type!" Could this mean the first...
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    FLCL - Fooly Cooly Thread

    Rather surprised to find no Fooly Cooly thread already existing! You may have seen Fooly Cooly on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim anytime between August 2003 and last weekend, or perhaps you've seen the new Blu Ray box set in stores and were curious? Despite being only 6 episodes long, the anime...
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    Should Gamefreak Update The Pokemon's Cries?

    For the past 4 generations of the main series of Pokemon games, a Pokemon has kept the same exact cry that it debuted with. Many people feel that Gamefreak should replace these cries with newer versions, or something completely different alltogether. Where do you stand on this? Personally, I...
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    Which of Kurt's Apricorn Balls Do You Prefer, and Why?

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, you can find trees around the Johto region that hoast fruit known as Apricorns. There are seven different kinds of Apricorns, seperated by their colors. These Apricorns can be taken to a man named Kurt, who will turn them into...
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    Neo Discovery - Umbreon & Espeon Artwork

    I found this amazing image somwhere around the forums. It's artwork from the Neo Discovery set that Naoyo Kimura did. This picture was also incorperated into these two cards from Neo Discovery: Anyways, I was wondering if anybody could help me find this same exact image, only clearer...
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Club

    Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Club Welcome!»This club is for all of you out there who are fans of Nickelodeon's television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and/or The Legend of Korra. Any and all Avatar-related media is open for discussion here, including shows, comics...
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    Favorite Pokemon Mispronunciation

    Over the years, in the anime, video games, commercials, and various other medias, Pokemon names and locations have been terribly mispronounced - most of then turning out to be quite funny! So what is your favorite Pokemon Mispronunciation?
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    Soft Resetting for Shinies Help

    I'm currently in the process of soft resetting to get myself a Shiny Kyogre on my Sapphire version, and I have some questions: *Can I turn off my game and pick up where I left off later? I've been doing this for six hours straight, and I'm getting pretty tired of it... *I know it takes a...
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    Where Did Pikachu Go!?!?

    I can recall in the good ol' Kanto, Johto, and Orange Islands episodes that Pikachu was always Ash's #1 and battled with him often. But every time I see a newer episode, all Pikachu does is sit on Ash's shoulder until it's time to make Team Rocket blast off. So what about you? Do you think...
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    Did You Ever Really Use Zigzagoon/Linoone?

    So, I started a new game on my Sapphire version the other day, and decided that this time around, I would catch a Zigzagoon and use it through the came. Turns out they are actually pretty good and handy Pokemon (especially after evolving it into Linoone. So, have you ever actaully played...
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    What Are Your Favorite Musical Genres?

    Discuss what Musical Genres you play most and why. Do you only play certain Genres when your in a certain mood? Do you only like a Genre because of one band? Do you feel like nobody else likes a Genre but you? Now is your time to share. This is Version 2 of the old thread! I figured since...
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    If Your Pet Were A Pokemon

    Here you can discuss what you think your pet or animal would be if it was a Pokemon. Be creative and feel free to include photos in your post! If my dogs were Pokemon, one would be an Umbreon and the other would be a Zigzagoon!
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    The Grunge

    Grunge music - as you may or may not know - was a popular musical style in the late 80's and early 90's that had a "slowed down" alternative sound to it. Lyrics usually expressed social alienation, apathy, confinement, and a desire for freedom. Most people have heard of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and...
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    Which Electric Family Do You Prefer?

    Pikachu's Family: ;172;;025;;026; Ampharos' Family: ;179;;180;;181; Electrike's Family: ;309;;310; Shinx's Family: ;403;;404;;405; Electabuzz's Family: ;239;;125;;466;
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    Which Legendary Bird Do You Prefer?

    Out of the three Legendary Birds of Kanto, which do you prefer to use most in Battles/Contests/Just To Have and why? ;144;;145;;146;
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    Does Pokemon Embarrass You?

    I have a friend who doesn't like to buy Pokemon Games, Game Guides, Toys, Cards, etc. in public because he doesn't want people to know that he's into Pokemon - he thinks they will look down on him for it or make fun of him for it I suppose. So what about you? Do you get uncomfortable when...
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    Brock and Felina Ivy

    What the heck happened to make Brock get all mopey when Professor Ivy's name is said. I know it must've happened when he was staying with her, but, what was it?
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    William goes to Lyoko!

    If you watched code lyoko today, then you saw that William got sent to lyoko! He's like a techno guy with a bazooka sword! He's awsome...Next to Odd!
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    I didn't do that!

    Someone is using my account to post things! That whole "I know who hacked it!" thing wasn't me! I don't like this hacker much at all!
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    I Know Who Hacked Serebii.net!

    BELEIVE ME OR NOT, I HAVE PROOF THAT mewtwo>you HACKED INTO SEREBII.NET! 1. SHE SPAMS 2. SHE CAN POST WITHOUT BEING ONLINE 3. I PMed HER AND WROTE: You don't deserve to be a pokemon fan! You hacked into serebii.net and now your after the forums. Give Joe his site back! There are many signs...