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    The EclairShipping Thread! Huzzah!

    The EclairShipping General Discussion! Huzzah! Welcome! ...To the EclairShipping Thread! And it's Chelc approved! Where EclairShippers alike can talk about the relationship between our two Sinnoh girls, Zoey/Nozomi and Dawn/Hikari, and our Hoenn girl, May/Haruka! •Rules of the Thread•...
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    Romeo and Her Juliet~An AppealShipping Fic One-Shot Rated PG-13

    Yes, another one-shot! This one is for a little bit 'older' audiences and therefore PG-13. And yes, the title is correct, and you'll see why. Everyone is in the 10th grade, 'cept for the adults....who will stay adults. (Discludes Team Rocket who will be non-existant in this story.) Nintendo...
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    I Wanna Make You Smile! A SapphirePearlShippping One-Shot Rated G

    Hello! Just a little cute, fluffy SapphirePearl Ship. It takes place at PokePreschool where all the main characters that were 10-13 year olds of the anime will become 4-5 years old. Sorry, no smut. Rated G! And it's not my best work, either. But the cuteness should make up for it! Jessie and...