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  1. Kdude146

    Gen 9 Pokedex - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    I think this would be the perfect region to be the original region of Corphish & Crawdaunt since every region we have had since the introduction of regional forms there is always one of them that is said to be the original form of the species. My idea is they are Water/Rock type. The minerals...
  2. Kdude146

    LGBT+ Alliance

    I would like to join! I was part of the old group but it has been years since I was super active on here. Info about me I use to be icewolf146 before changing my user name. I live in Canada I am 100% gay and I am a huge Pokemon fan.
  3. Kdude146

    Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

    My guess is Ash will end up traveling with the female player character and she will have some made up anime thing as her goal and a male gym leader will be the other travel companion and of course Team Rocket will be stocking him.
  4. Kdude146

    July 21st: SM131 - Musashi VS Kojiro! A Battlefield of Love and Truth!!

    Here is how I see things going in the next episode Jessie vs James - Jessie wins but Marenie evolves in this battle Sophocles vs Mina - Sophocles wins Kiawe vs Acerola - Kiawe wins Lillie vs Gladion - Gladion wins The 8 battles will be like this: Ash vs Hau Kiawe vs Sophocles Lana vs Guzma...
  5. Kdude146

    Pokemon Fan Presents the Alola Pokémon League

    Even if Guzma does become the champion I don't think he can just destroy the league by saying that's it will never happen again. Each league has a governing body and committee that would not let a champion say no more Pokemon League.
  6. Kdude146

    What do you think is going to happen in the last episodes(post-league)?

    1. Finding Mohn and Magearna becoming active again. 2. I see something happening with Meltan. I could see Matori and her team coming to Alola again to go after all the Meltan and Ash's Meltan evloves into Melmetal to stop Team Rocket. Ash ends up releasing Melmetal so it can be the leader of...
  7. Kdude146

    Pokemon Fan Presents the Alola Pokémon League

    Here is my predictions for the Alola League Top 16 Ash vs Faba - Ash wins Ilima vs Guzma - Guzma wins Hau vs Samson - Hau wins Mallow vs Lana - Lana wins Scophocles vs Mina - Scophocles wins Jessie vs James - Jessie wins Kiawe vs Acerola - Kiawe wins Lille vs Gladion - Gladion wins Top 8...
  8. Kdude146

    Which Gen 8 starter are you most excited to choose!

    For me it was love at first sight when I saw Scorbunny I love fire types and in mostly every Pokemon game the fire type starter is my first choice every time. I really hope that Scorbunny becomes fire/fairy or stays fire. As for the other two Grookey is my second favouite I could see it...
  9. Kdude146

    Gen 8 Region Hopes and Dreams

    I would like to see a Canadian region but I know that's not likely going to be the case for gen 8 but maybe in the future. I say for gen 8 my top two pick are either The UK or Spain. Something I think they should do in the game is make the starting town be in the northern part of the region...
  10. Kdude146

    Gen8 starter Pokemon what do you want to see?

    Here are my idea for the possible starters for gen 8 Grass: racoon grass/dark, bear grass, lizard grass/psychic Fire: bunny fire/fairy, horse fire/ghost, sheep fire, Ox fire/steel, snake fire/dragon Water: snake water/psychic, platypus water/fighting, walrus water/ice
  11. Kdude146

    What new type combinations would you like to see in Gen8

    I would really love to see a Electric/Dark type and Fire/Fairy as my top two picks. I also have some ideas for some other unused type combos and what the Pokemon could be based on. Grass/Fire could be a dinosaur like Pokemon with jalapenos growing on it. Normal/Ice could be a caribou...
  12. Kdude146

    New type

    I don't think we need any more types we have 18 times now a nice even number and they are all balanced so I say just leave things the way they are now.
  13. Kdude146

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    I would love to see the other gens get some love with Regional Variants as well. I am only doing gens 2 -4 for now. I have listed my reasons for the type changes as well as how they evolve. Johto Families 1. Ledyba/Ledian Bug/Psychic - evolves at level 18 morning side effect of the flowers...
  14. Kdude146

    Meltan in the Anime

    Something I would like to see is in the anime we get some kind of Team Skull arc with Meltan/Melmetal with Guzma going after them to use their power to take over Alola.
  15. Kdude146

    Do you think that there will be an Alolan Pokémon League Conference in the Sun & Moon anime series?

    My guess is Ash will use his Pokemon that are at Oak's since he won't have a full team at this rate. I see him facing Hau in a 3 0n 3 battle and when it comes to the 6 on 6 battles Ash will first face off against Gladion and win and after that he will face Professor Kukui/Masked Royal and lose...
  16. Kdude146

    The Pokemon Go Friends Thread

    Looking for more friends on Pokemon Go! I have gifts to give so add me up! From Canada! 194263840855
  17. Kdude146

    August 23rd: SM87 - Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!!

    I am looking forward to this arc since this is going to be the first time since BW that we see Giovanni going after a legendary Pokemon and I am surprised that Matori is now an agent. I would if her and eye-patch will have their own motto with the Alolan Meowth jumping out at the end. JK.
  18. Kdude146

    Gen 8 New Moves Wishlist

    I would like to see some new terrain moves for fire type it could be called Lava Terrain, dark type Nighty Terrain and ground type Sandy Terrain
  19. Kdude146

    Gen8 Fossil Pokemon, what do you want to see?

    For the gen 8 Fossil Pokemon I would like to see a triceratops that is an rock/electric type with the ability lightning rod it evolves when leveled up knowing charge beam. For the second fossil Pokemon I would like to see a raptor that is a rock/fighting type with the ability scrappy it evolves...
  20. Kdude146

    New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation

    I was thinking the same thing and maybe in it's Dawn Form it will have yellow fur. anyways I really like it's Dusk Form and I love the orange fur and green eyes.