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    Need Help With Choosing Manga

    Need Help With Choosing Seinen manga Okay guy's i really want to read a manga but i want a thriller/psychological based one. I'm think Monster, Gantz & possibly Tenjho Tenge Does anyone have recommendations for one? By the way i found the correct term for these type's of Manga they are...
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    WWE Allstars

    Does anybody have this game? I didnt think much of it when it came out but after a friend had it and i played it down his i started to like it. What are people's view's on wrestling game's in general? like them? hate them? i've never been a fan of wrestling game's till this game xD i'm trying to...
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    ~~=OldSkoolMew's Near Flawless & Flawless Bazaar=~~

    ~~=OldSkoolMew's Near Flawless & Flawless Bazaar[RNG Abuser's Attention Please!]=~~ Important Notice #1 : Learning how to RNG might not be able to complete some trade's but i will try to give you priority. Important Notice #2 : If you are trading me EV'd Pokemon i exspect them to be Lv 100 if...