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    Batman 3

    Well I have a few opinions , and of course some of you know that a film is confirmed for 2011 , and the riddler is the due main enemy and i have a few opinions 1)There are 4 rumored enemies , Riddler , Harley Quinn , Catwoman (also a possilble ally ) and black mask , one of the rarer enemies...
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    this team is from my favorite pokemon as a kid ,this is my dream team , i just added empoleon as a filler up, anyway the pokemon here are taken straight from my box , i left them alone after i had EV trained them , and i am looking for ways to improve them , so don't tell me their stupid , i...
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    Galactic Origins (G)

    Hello and here is my story's prologue Its a story about how the D/P/Pt character Cyrus came to power from his childhood in Sunyshore to his power house in Veilstone , and yes how the 3 main galactic admins met him , and why he is against spirit , and of course why he wanted a world to himself...
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    What does your journal say from yesterday

    Just to seee what yous were doing (put a reason beside it if you want) Well mine says Started from Sandgem Town -Trying for a DeepSea scale Flew to Jubilife City - For the lotto Used a PC box - Gettting the...
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    This is my first deck so any advice welcome Number / name /Set if it says nothing for number it means there are only one Pokemon Regigigas Lv.x Promo Regigigas Storm front Ninetales Platinum x2 Vulpix Platinum Shaymin Platinum x3 Wurmple Platinum x2 Silcoon...
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    Questiuon about sky

    just wandering would i need to have time / darkness to understand what is going on here just so i dont go buying it and never playing it because i don't understand it
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    Hello i was wandering could anybody show me a site on how to make banners as i don't want to ask someone to make me one because then i will feel like i am just using them any help at all would be okay
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    favourite Pokeomon cry

    well the title says it all my personal favorite is palkia
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    rate /critic please

    even bad comments i want to improve Empoleon Lv 100 Hydro pump* Surf Waterfall Whirlpool Venasaur Lv 74 Razor leaf Toxic SolarBeam Frenzy Plant* Dialga Lv 71 all wild plat. moves Moltres Lv.51 Fire Spin Agility Endure Flamethrower Giritina Lv. 56 shadow Claw...
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    Near end

    and having constant problems -How do you see Golem ;076; with out trading -How do you beat the Elite 4 if i started with bulbasaur and used my master ball on Moltres