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    Funny things you discover when replaying Pokemon games

    Today I was playing Emerald for the umpteenth time and was surprised about the multiple things I had forgotten. For instance, Heart Scales are the scales of Luvdisks (According to a random Swimmer I battled). Juan's overworld sprite looks nothing like his battle sprite. What funny, cool...
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    Are Pokéballs irrelevant?

    Are Pokéballs irrelevant? Imagine this: You're in the Pokémon world and its 2013. With recent technological developments, you can be connected to the internet anywhere in the world, with access to Facebook, YouTube, and of course, your PC Box. Trainers wouldn't have to travel to the Pokémon...
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    Places that slow your quest RIGHT down.

    So I'm playing White 2 and decided to pick Snivy. Everything was going fine until my team and I entered Castelia Sewers, then everything went wrong. I'm sure many of you also have some kind of OCD which makes you want to capture EVERY Pokemon in the wild once you enter a new area, AND explore...