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  1. RPBaskett

    Druddigon EV training HELP

    Hi! I bred myself a shiny Druddigon in Pokémon Shield and am about to EV train it. I use RankedBoost for most of my stats and info on my Pokémon. Normally, and almost always, I use vitamins to EV train my Pokémon for either Sp.Atk or Atk and Speed. I'm not sure in the case of Druddigon this is...
  2. RPBaskett

    Sw/Sh, Pokémon Home, & a New Game

    Ok, I have a question in regards to Sword & Shield that I'm looking for practiced knowledge about. If you've tried this and can shed light on this it would be much appreciated. ~ Scenario: I've played through Sword and developed a team of level 100 Pokémon that I got, using my character in...
  3. RPBaskett

    Event Shiny Ho-Oh in Sword?

    Hi! Is there such a thing as an event shiny Ho-oh that is possible/tradeable in Sword and Shield? If there is, I am after one of those in a big way. Thanks!
  4. RPBaskett

    TRADE Event Shiny Zaican & Zamazenta TRADE (Please delete if not allowed)

    Sorry if this is not allowed please delete if not allowed. !Event Shiny Zaican & Zamazenta Codes For Trade! Hello! I have a few event shiny Zaican & Zamazenta unused codes available I'm looking to use for trading. Please see below the list of what I am after in order by priority: 1. A 6/6 IV...
  5. RPBaskett

    Event Zamazenta and Zaican Question

    So, I have both the event shiny Zaican and Zamazenta but when I look at the description of these it shows the original trainer as two different random names that are not my own. I got these from a mystery gift code. Is this normal for all event Pokémon or what's the deal here!? It's kind of...
  6. RPBaskett

    Sword - 6/6 IV Ditto for trade please!

    Hello! I am in search of/in need of a 6/6 IV Ditto for breeding in Pokémon Sword. It doesn't need to be Japanese but would be excellent if it were. I can trade you anything I may have that you need in return. If you have one my friend code is: SW-7387-3333-3513. Please and thank you!
  7. RPBaskett

    Continued Questions and Info About EV Training

    Ok so this is my full run through with EV training a Pokémon and I have some questions here. Please correct any of these methods if some of this is not correct. For the sake of speaking, I'm going to say that I have a level 1 bred 6/6 IV Adamant Shinx. From level 1, I immediately give the Shinx...
  8. RPBaskett

    Grouping with others over a long distance?

    I can't seem to find any way to group with anyone that is a long distance away I mean like across states. Is the only way to be in a group really to be physically at the same location and can you not group with people across the internet? I know you have to 'mix records' but the only place where...
  9. RPBaskett

    Vitamins not changing any stats

    When are you supposed to use vitamins on a Pokémon? I have a Shinx at level 16 and I gave it 1 Calcium but its Sp.Atk didn't go up at all...
  10. RPBaskett

    Battle Tower & ??Success?? vs ??Technique??

    So, I'm trying to figure out how to be good at winning in the Battle Tower. The NPC trainers and Pokémon are sent out at random so there doesn't seem to be any way to anticipate any move sets or types which then means that the team you use is random compared to your opponent. One thing I have...
  11. RPBaskett

    Changing the ball type of a caught Pokémon?

    I know you could do this in at least one Pokémon game in the past and I'm pretty certain the answer is that it can't be done, but is there any way to change the ball type that a caught Pokémon is in? EG, catch a Shinx in an Ultra-Ball and change the ball type after the catch to a Luxury Ball...
  12. RPBaskett

    Destiny Knot Question for Breeding

    If you have a 6/6 Ditto with Destiny Knot and a 5/6 parent isn't it then therefore impossible to get a child less than a 5/6? There would be no way to get a 46 because there are not two stats on the parents less than a best, only one?
  13. RPBaskett

    Best Method of EV Training a Pokémon?

    What is the best method for EV training a level 1 IV perfect breeded Pokemon? Please let me know and thanks!
  14. RPBaskett

    Understanding EVs and IVs Training

    Ok, a group of friends and I are playing this latest game, two of us are playing Diamond and two in Pearl. I am trying to train up a Shinx from about level 3 but there is something I'm not understanding. I have the IV stat checker in game, as well as both an Adamant and a Bold Shinx. The IV stat...