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    S-1867 and Is the War on Terror out of Control?

    EDIT: Please notice this is a developing story, so facts may change and sources may expire. Check the latest post for up to date facts. ---------------------- The American Civil Liberties Union is opposed to a bill that would give the military new powers in the homeland of the United...
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    Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

    Homosexuality & Politics http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb408/SunshineCasy/Manchot.gif The penguins cannot help you. This is a new 'gay thread' for general discussion regarding homosexuality politically and socially. Sorry if you were sick of them, but apparently there will always be...
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    Obviously, everyone's end goal is peace, even if they're waging wars to do it. Obama once said during his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize that military intervention is necessary to promote peace. I'm not talking about that sort of philosophy. Are there any people here who can't...
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    Do Someone's Beliefs Reflect on their Character?

    This is a question implicit in many debates, but I really only see people assume one way or the other. Should we judge people's character by their beliefs? Do we keep on coexisting and finding a way to be friends despite religious and political party lines, or should some beliefs be...
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    Do you think all marriage should be banned? This whole monogamy thing is getting old, isn't it? 50% of all marriages end in divorce anyway, right?
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    McDonalds is a powerful corporation. Once a small burger place, it evolved to become the model that most, if not all fast food chains, are compared to. This can be beneficial or dangerous. On one hand, some people like indulging in hamburgers and fries once and a while. And kids like...
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    Human Microchipping

    Would you want a microchip implanted inside of you? A breakdown of the argument courtesy of Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microchip_implant_(human) Present Benefits: - "VeriChip" is capable of allowing doctors to instantly access medical records from the number in your chip...
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    The Bilderberg Group

    The Bilderberg Group is an annual meeting of the most influential people in politics, media, banking, military, etc. Every year this meeting takes place in a different hotel the world in a heavily secluded place that is blocked off from reporters, although few reporters try to cover it. Some...
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    Can Public Opinion Alone Support Equality?

    So a while back, the Pauls were grilled by the media for not supporting the Civil Rights Act. Ron Paul's website claims that Paul suggested that instead of federally enforcing racial equality, that buisinesses that treated everyone as equal would prevail over buisinesses that were exclusive...
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    Adventures of the Goodwill Trainer - PG

    Mesprit and the Dragon's Tears - PG Prologue Date: September 2010 Heather Beauregard, The Ice Shell Trainer / Age 20 There was no escaping the Emotion Pokemon today. Heather finally had the legendary Pokemon Mesprit cornered beyond a chance of escape. They were on a grassy route...
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    The U.S. Fourth Amendment

    Recently the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that although police must have a warrant to be allowed into a person's house, people have no right to refuse access to the police if they want to come in anyway. This has sparked controversy and minor protests...
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    Should Medical Treatment be Forced?

    If someone doesn't believe in a medical treatment that is considered necessary to keep them alive, should they be forced to get it anyway?
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    Royalty - Positive or Negative?

    So today is the British royal wedding between Prince Edward and Kate Middleton. The prevalant opinion about the wedding in the U.S. seems to be that the wedding is a romantic event between two attractive, good people graced with the fortune of being British royalty. For Americans and other...
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    Is Cannibalism Evil?

    Cannibalism, or Anthropophagy, is the practice of people eating other people. Do you think this is evil? Just wanted to know your thoughts.
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    The Sendai Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Issue

    I just wanted to know people's thoughts on the tragedy. I'm talking about the total area that this earthquake affected. Although the continuing effort to contain the nuclear plants in Japan especially worries me.
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    By What Measure is a Slander?

    So I stepped into a weird situation on the 9/11 thread. I actually defended President George W. Bush from a character attack against his dyslexia, which is...not like me. But I figure, nobody should have to endure a personal attack against their disability, not even somebody I don't like...
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    Rights Are Neither Given Nor Taken Away...Right?

    This thread is about human rights. Are they inalienable? Are rights something inherent to all humans? Or are our rights God-given? Does the government give us our rights; can they take them away? Does might make right? (Social Darwinism?) Do we need to constantly guard our rights...
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    Is Sex or Violence More Acceptable in Media?

    Hey. I'm arranging this thread for houndourm. I would like to make it more comprehensive though and ask about all media. Parents are divided on what they deem acceptable to show kids. Some censor sexual references from their children while they delight in sharing their favorite bloody...
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    9/11 - Are You Okay?

    Daily Show Host Jon Stewart somberly asked the day after 9/11, "Are you okay?" Ten years later, these people answer him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHIj9wzbYGQ&feature=related They were recently featured on Geraldo at Large. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfOVKPtT8ZY We've all...
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    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    You might have seen one of the commercials about Corn Syrup being the "nutritional equivalant" to sugar. If you haven't, watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVsgXPt564Q That commercial is part of an "aggressive campaign" according to MSN, from the Corn Refiners Association to...