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    Sun team that counters weather!

    Electrivire @Choice Scarf Adamant Motor Drive 252 Attack/252 Speed/4Hp Moveset -Ice Punch -Thunder Punch -Earthquake -Cross Chop This is my lead as it takes out pretty much everything. Ice Punch takes out most things that use stealth rock (ex Aredactyl) Thunder Punch for Politoad...
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    Dragon Quest/ Dragon Warrior

    Anybody besides me like these RPGs?
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    3ds Ambassador Program?

    heya people with the 3ds did you see the ambassador program? I just got a notifications saying that you get 20 Free Eshop games how does this make you feel?
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    [The Elites of Pokemon]

    Ok this is my best team I made so far ~ Forretress Nick named:Popo Item:Rocky Helmet Sturdy Nature:Impish 252 Hp 252 Defenses Moveset: Toxic Spikes Spikes Stealth Rocks Rapid Spin The lead of my team It sets up all of the area effects then switchs to anoter memeber of my party Chansey...
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    Ev training while in the Storyline

    Hello guys i was wondering do any of you Ev train during the Storyline or am I the only one?
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    My Pokemon Balck team

    My Pokemon Black team Scrafty level 70 no item 252Spdef 252def 4 attack Moves Brick Break Smack Down Hi Jump Kick Payback Bisharp level 100 BlackGlasses 252 atk 252 speed moves Iron Head Night Slash Sword Dance Hidden power (fire) Tangrowth(DW) level 100 Shell Bell 252HP 252spatk moves...
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    NeoHope's Trade Shop!

    Here's what shinies i have cobalion ditto mienfoo clefairy sandslash exadrill baculin corsola amoongus Kricketune tropuis swellow pelipper altaria cofagrigus piloswine lunatone solrock Legends Palkia Not Ut Diagla Not Ut Mew (JAP) Not Ut Vicitini (Movie UT) Shiny...
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    Hello I am NeoHopeSTF

    Hi guess i'm the newbi now