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  1. Apslup

    Lost Pokemon Anime Episodes

    Aside from Pokemon, another one of my passions is Lost Media and I spend a lot of my time reading about, searching for and discussing Lost Media. I've recently taken an interest in Pokemon lost media and I decided to post information about all 4 of the lost episodes of the Pokemon anime in order...
  2. Apslup

    Ash's Hypothetical Best Team

    I've been thinking recently about what Ash's ideal team would be. After some research looking into moves, feats and my own personal opinion, I have come up with what I think would be Ash's best team. Feel free to post your teams! Rules: 1. No Sun and Moon Pokemon, since that series hasn't ended...
  3. Apslup

    Goals for the Future?

    Just wondering what your Goals for the future are? Since we all need something to shoot for to keep us going forward into the future. I guess mine is to get good grades on my course at School (It finishes in May), find a profession/field of work I really like and then get an apprenticeship in...