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    Pokemon TCG Skype Battle Thread

    Well... just like the titles says this is a Thread for people who are intrested in doing Skype TCG Matches. Leave your skype name and ask for a battle! My Skype name is: Element_Enigma LEt the Battles begin!
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    Electrodes 3 Corners

    So after doing alot of testing with LaKE and a couple cities top cut with it, I decided to continue using it through NeXt Destinies, but with a new set comes a new Deck List. Thus after Play testing ive come up with a rough scetch of my new Deck. UPDATED!! Pokemon: 16 2 Landorus(NVI)...
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    Starting out in MTG

    So some friends have been asking me to join MTG and i decided hey, why not! So as a begginer I was wondering, if like other TCG's is there a modifided format? Also what would be good to buy for me to start out with? something that has some deck building staples, and has some "Good" cards? any...
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    What did you place in Cities?

    So City Championships started what 2? 3 weeks ago? I was just curious into how people are doing. So post what place you got, what Deck you used and what Common Decks you had seen. Also if you had any "Intense" or "Close matches" I would like to hear how the match went. -K1LL3RxP0P7ART
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    Who left the Ice Chest Open?

    Pokemon Victini[V-Crate] x4 Kyurem x4 Archen x3 -Archeops x2 Pansear[EP] x2 - Simisear[EP] x2 Supporter/Trainers Prof. Oak x3 Prof. Elm x1 Pokemon Comm. x3 Pokemon Collector x4 Energy Retrival x2 Interviewers Questions x2 Switch x 2 Eviolite x 3 Moo Moo Milk x3 Energy's 6...
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    Hello TCG noob here! :)

    Why hello my fellow Pokemon TCG players I have recently decided to get into the amazing world of the Pokemon TCG, and was wondering if someone could help me out with some tips on what packs/Tins or anything a novice would need to start out with this TCG, also any one know a place that can teach...
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    Josh's Awesome-o-saurus Shiny Outlet

    Hi welcome to Josh's Awesom-o-Saurus Shiny Outlet! Am currently on Hiatus. Been to busy with school and the PTCG to focus on this, but I promise around Christmas I will get back on and do any trades i have missed. 1.NO HACKS EVER!!!!!(Whaaaaaa???!!!!!) if I am traded a...
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    My pokemon VGC 2011 team :)

    this is my VGC 2011 team pls comment and rate thx :) Hydreigon :635: Nature:Modest EV's: 252 speed 252 Sp. attack Item: undecided Moves: Dark Pulse Flamethrower Dragon pulse Surf/Protect/Tri attack For him I hope to use him as a sweeper with maxed out Sp. attack and Speed. On his...
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    Xbox live 48 hour codes anyone?

    i ran out of mebership and me and some friends are having an online tournament and i dont have live so can someone please lend me a 48 hour code? thxx :)
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    A Good Strategy game for PC anyone??

    Does anyone know of a good PC strategy game? I have LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth and just bought Star wars Empire at war so i wan wandering if anyone had good suggestion like command and Conquer or civilation, etc..
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    Evolution Trading

    Hey I was wandering if anybody could help me evolve my electabuzz into electvire by trading because i dont have 2 DS's so u help me and i can help u evolution trade a pokemon
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    What's up serebii forums?

    Hey everybody i just started this forum because im really bored its kinda a random forum but everybody just talk about anything lovelife, pokemon, recent movies, music, anything just talk about anything hav fun ^_^ ;143;
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    I need help with a computer problem

    ok my computer got a virus and know it wont work unless i open it in "safe mode" so i did and I completely deleted everything off of it(pics, games, movies, music, everything) and i need to get it fixed i was thinking of getting it cleaned like at best buy or something but will that put my...
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    Lord of the Rings: Battle for middle earth 2

    I've made this post because wandering if thers still people that play it online i have the game but my computer is getting fixed so i thought i could start a thread so people could battle, share advice, etc. so hope you enjoy! ^_^ ;143; EDIT: I have got my computer fixed so if you wold like...