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  1. J

    A Flicker of Light - Volbeat RMT

    Hyper Offensive Volbeat RMT I'd like to share this original concept I've been using on Pokémon Online and ask for any suggestions for improvement. BRIEF CONCEPT The premise of this team involves Volbeat passing a Tail Glow to Alakazam and then crucifying the opposition. Azelf sets up dual...
  2. J

    Worth getting into (first time)?

    I'm quite interested in this game, being a previous Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. Is it worth getting into though, or would I be wasting my time?
  3. J

    The Food Thread

    What are your favorite meals of all time? Mine has to be a large Supreme from Pizza Hut (stuffed crust) with Nachos for starters. I'll die just thinking about it ^-^
  4. J

    Making a Fresh Start

    Hi, I felt as though I should post something on here to introduce myself. I've been using Serebii as a resource since about 2005-ish when Emerald first came out, and I should really repay my debt by contributing to these magnificent forums. We're all in agreement that our experience with these...
  5. J

    Has Pokemon become Childish?

    Seriously... Has Pokemon been aimed at Kids? Surely if you asked any old person, they would say that Pokemon is for children. Pokemon has always been aimed at kids in my opinion, but the old Kanto series of Pokemon has some clever adult episodes, rather than the Diamond/Pearl regular storylines...