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    Offensive Bug Team (White)

    Special Attackers Volcorona: Modest252spa/spe (Flame body) Quiver dance Bug Buzz Fiery Dance Giga Drain Galvantula Modest 252spa/spe (Compoundeyes) Thunder Bug Buzz Volt Switch HP Ice Yanmega: (Modest) (252 spa, spe) (Tinted lense) Air Slash Psychic Bug Buzz U-Turn...
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    A little help here please?

    Hi all, as a kid I only ever watched the Indigo series and Orange Islands before I lost interest in Pokemon (foolish I know!). However due to buying Black i'm now having a pokenaissance and have started watching from the first ep again, i'm enjoying it. But the filler Episodes bug me. So I was...
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    In game team - Sandstorm

    5th Gen Only! Hi all, this is my in game team I’m planning on putting together- it features most of my favourite pokemon anyway so thought I may as well give it a weather twist. Can anyone look for any gaping errors? Here’s the team: Bisharp @ Smooth Rock Adamant | Defiant |...
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    Language Help!

    Hi all. I've just had my edition of Pokemon Platinum delivered from Amazon. (third party seller.) and its all in Dutch/German. I was a bit worried as the box art looked poor and the manual has strange printing errors throughout. Does anyone know if i can change the language on the card or have I...
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    The Missing Link?

    Hi all, trying to sort out the messing link for my team. I've just got to the pokemon league and can't work out which pokemon to have as my last slot. I don't like using pokemon any trainer can't normally get their hands on (ie legendaries or starters) so generic pokemon only please, cheers...
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    Pokemon Website

    Hi all, I'm new here and haven't played a pokemon game since Gen 1! (and briefly 2) So i'm sort of lost on a few things. I've finally managed to get my DS online and synced the game and sent my Throh (sp?) to sleep after getting a badge or two. But now I can't sign up to the pokemon website...