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    Welcome to the new Serebii.net Forums

    All I can say is thank god I remembered my old password, considering my account it attached to an email address that I don't even have access to anymore.
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    Sawyer vs Tyson Poll Tally

    I wonder if people's opinions would change if the battle with Tyson had XY level animation.
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    Why Kahuna Battles Are Such Curbstomps

    I like the Olivia Battle for what it was, but I kinda feel like Ash should have lost or at least tied. That way we get the Dusk Lycanroc evolution and it begins a short little arc for a rematch between Olivia's Midday Form Lycanroc vs Dusk Lycanroc.
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Honestly, the real reason is probably because that Night Slash's Japanese name is something like Street Crossing Assassination, which isn't very kid friendly.
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    Olivia's Grand Trial! The Hardest Pokémon Match Ever!! (979)

    Wow, I honestly did not expect Ash to win.
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Wasn't saying it as a certainty, to be sure. I'm personally not crossing my fingers but hey I never thought Ash would have two Dragon Types on the same team so what do I know.
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    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Is Ash getting a Grubbin and eventually evolving it into a Vikavolt too out there? Because part of me really wants to see that. I know the fact that its an Electric Type puts in opposition to Pikachu, but the fact they are two very different pokemon and would likely fight very differently makes...
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    PokeAni Missed Opportunities

    This is something I whole heartedly agree with, especially since they didn't do anything with the fact they had the BF in Kanto. We didn't run into any old faces after like the first 5 episodes or visit any old places so why bother.
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    Dawn's Early Night! (517)

    Yeah this was the start of a full out losing streak for the girl, I don't think the anime had ever done that for a main character.
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    Pokémon Generations (All Episodes)

    Three minutes just isn't enough, I'd take at least five really.
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    "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", starting November 17th

    The thing people have with Ash getting three starters is not THEIR development, its all the others he catches that people are worried about. Poor, poor Boldore. . . .
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    Pokemon Sun/Moon possibilities discussion thread

    That would be great actually, at it would count as the Regional Bird like how Talonflame took the place of the Regional Bird and his Fire Type for X and Y.
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    The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! (936)

    It wouldn't be the same I feel. Between the league final or a potential hero vs anti-hero battle, something like that wouldn't have the necessary impact you know? I'm honestly unsurprised Alain's not using other Pokemon. Its always been the Mega Zard show for the guy. Though the writers would...
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    Old Battles with XYZ animation

    If you could pick any 5 (or 10 if 5 is too constraining) battles from the previous generations of the anime to be animated XYZ style, which would you choose?
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    The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! (936)

    Yeah I was kinda hoping for that too, not for any "Revenge for the league loss" nonsense, but because Alain was working with TF for awhile and I honestly thought the anime was setting that up to happen. Like Ash could be all like Obi-Wan and try to get Alain to listen to reason and Alain's all...
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    Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!! (935)

    Definitely has me interested. Been waiting for the anime to do a proper Team Climax for years. The only decent one was Sinnoh's. If we don't at least get a League Win, we can get one epic brawl between good and evil.
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    Aug 11th: XY&Z037 - The Finals! Ash VS Alan!!

    Unfezant is literally the last thing I expected to see on Alain's team.
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    July 28th: XY&Z035 - Fierce Rival Battle! Ash Greninja VS Mega Sceptile

    It might have something to do with the scene we're being shown in the preview where Pikachu is jumping around all the pieces of wood from the trees that Aegislash cut down. Also for Mega-Sceptile vs Greninja, I like how they remake that charge between the two like they did way back in their...
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    Analysis Versus Passion! (930)

    Wow when they said that Sawyer was making up counters to Ash's team, they wasn't kidding. It kinda reminds me of the Lake Acuity battle with Paul in that regard. Thankfully Ash is much better, so this won't be a one-sided slaughter like that battle was.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    No one can say that "Ash doesn't evolve his Pokemon at all!" meme with a straight face anymore after Kalos, that's for sure.