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    Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Club

    Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Club! Banner by Skarm™ Here we discuss The Video games, Comics, T.V. Shows and everything Sonic the Hedgehog related. Sonic the Hedgehog was created by Yuji Naka in 1991 for the Sega Genesis and since then has become an icon for gaming even after Yuji...
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    First Fan charater

    This is DuSK s/he is a Nightmaren Alignment: Good Likes: Having fun, Freedom,his/her friends,Chao ,Chao World Dislikes:Suffering,Being told what to do, Nightmare,being mistake as being a Villian, DaWN, negative comment on this thread JK Skills:Flying Invisibility...
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    best rival

    who do you think the best rival is? I think its sliver he plays a good role
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    anime/manga team based

    have you ever based your team of a team in the manga or anime who was it was it a good team? once i based my team of of red from the manga it was a great team but had weakness to grass
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    pokemon training

    this is about how you train your pokemon like where you train do you get some one else to train do you use action replay because your lazy (any gen.) do you EV train? in gen 5 i spend some time in challenger's cave and at the dome to do my train and i ev train my pokemon Edit: i mess up on...
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    fav. manga charater

    what your fav. manga charater for any pokemon manga, mines yellow this post is really akward
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    how do you change setting from wpa to wep? my router dlink dir-615 if that helps
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    hi i'm mew661 i had a threat here but it was asking how to do something i just wanted to intoducted myself :)
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    is my team any good i have shiny latas lv56 moves:mist ball zen headbutt fly and dragon pluse lugia lv 56 moves:fly aeroblast hydro pump (forgot last move) haunter lv 57 dark pulse shadow punch shadow ball and night shade dragonite level 58 dragon rage fly dragon breath (forgot last move)...
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    new member

    hi i'm mew661 there somthing i been wondering most people have a pic. that haves there team in it i was wonder how to do that