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    A Scizor Conundrum

    Hi guys, I thought to update this with the results (turns out he WAS curious enough to test it). It turns out that most of the procedure works out, except for the Night Slash. Turns out despite level 1 Heracross having Night Slash, it 'learns' 4 other moves at level 1 that bump off Night Slash...
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    A Scizor Conundrum

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I frequented the forums, and I need your help. Or, more accurately, my youngest brother does. The situation is thus: my younger brothers are playing through HGSS and after every gym they battle. My youngest brother wants to bring a little sauce to the...
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    The Legend's End

    Well, here's another chapter right off the bat to compensate for the wait! I hope you all like this one: it's been building in my head for a while and I thought now was the best time to give it my all! Chapter 21 Legends Edward locked onto the first name he saw. “Lavan.” “Nope –...
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    Pokemon X problems

    This has happened every time I've played it and there's no problem on other games. Other suggestions?
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    Pokemon X problems

    From the instant the cart downloaded Pokemon X to my 3DS system I've been having problems with the controls: when there's any sort of list (Pokemon selection screen, options, etc) the select icon darts around like crazy, and most of the time even when I start pressing the d-pad or control stick...
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    Damn, ninjad, considering I'm a Ninjask 178
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    The Legend's End

    Thanks for the mini - review, Dragonfree! I'll edit the errors you pointed out, and try to better explain what I was thinking in each case. To save you having to read it again, here's what I meant to say in some of the cases: 1) I meant for Edward's change in dealing with the panic afterwards...
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    Earth, Air, Water, Fire

    ...Wow. I've never been one for description because it's rarely used so well, but this... wow you're articulate. I can envisage what you're saying perfectly, showing you are a true wordsmith who's obviously devoted much time to this. This juxtaposes my story so well, considering I never describe...
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    The Legend's End

    Well, it's been several months, and I don't feel I want to disturb Dragonfree or The Great Butler after all this time, so I tried (and most probably failed hilariously) at proof-reading myself several times. It's been a while since my last burst of creativity, so hopefully there aren't too many...
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    Pets! They smell, but you still love 'em.

    I appear to have an immortal goldfish called Herby/Kirby (there has been some disagreement) which we've had for about three years. Somehow he doesn't need to eat much...
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    Rename the Member Above You

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    Rename the Member Above You

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    The Review Game

    Done! See the sig for the link (click the image). The later chapters if you please!
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    Forgotten Memories, The Banished Renegade's Revenge

    Heya! I'm here for the review game; so, without further adieu: As much as I love teasing openings, this sounds a tad revealing and cliched. I mean, the introduction of Giratina here seems a bit out of place. Apart from that, it's pretty good and sets the mood very well. Just saying, you...
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    The Review Game

    There you go, Kutie Pie, and I hope I helped. To whichever brave adventurer want to review mine, I'd appreciate any of the more recent chapters being reviewed, if you please, especially 19. Read le sig (click the image) for the link.
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    Handle with Care (NC-17)

    Here for the Review Game, Kutie Pie (it still feels weird calling you that so naturally). First thing: I'm once again offended that I was not notified that you were writing something; sure I've been away for a while, but that's no excuse (but I graciously forgive you) On the other hand, though...
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    The Legend's End

    After countless hours of revision and tests, I think I've invested my free time intelligently and decided to post another chapter. There will be more soon - especially after my DofE camping trip! Read, review and, above all, enjoy! Chapter 19 Research Jack liked prowling through the...
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    Capital Punishment

    It's always been on my hardened opinion that, regardless of race, position, sex, religion or mentality, all people should be treated equally and, above all, be given access to life. Life, above all, must be held sacred, lest what could people become if life or death begin to mean nothing? A...
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    Iron Man 3

    I like the film quite a bit: though the armours being destroyed too easily was a tad irksome. There were one or two plot points my friends and I came up with (I'd like to hear your input): The mysterious rope Tony used to haul the armour in the snow: where did it come from? Tony magically...
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    2012 Fanfiction Awards: RESULTS

    Huh, tied first for best action scene with 2 Sidewinders....today was a good day. In a related note, congrats to Sidewinder!