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    Pokemon Moves

    Since a lot of people in the discussion thread seem to be encountering pokemon with moves not listed on the site yet, I figured I'd make a thread specifically dedicated to reporting such instances to hopefully make Serebii's life a little easier. Here are some reports from the discussion...
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    XP Grinding Guide

    After playing the game near-nonstop the past few days and tapping into my hefty RPG grinding experience, I’ve compiled some preliminary tricks for XP grinding in Pokemon Go! This thread may be updated as I get more information (especially in regards to the gyms). Feel free to comment with your...
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    Pokestop Egg Drop Data (community contribution!)

    Hello all! Since I haven't seen any concrete numbers or other attempts at this, I figured I'd try and figure out the egg drop statistics from pokestops, with community contribution! My aim: to calculate a fairly accurate estimate of A) the percent chance of getting an egg drop from a pokestop...