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    The last movie you saw

    (Oh my god, I haven't been on here in AGES. I definately have some catching up to do...) I've seen quite a few movies recently: I seen 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?' for I've always wanted to see it, as well as 'Little shop of horrors' because i'm doing a school prduction for it so I need learn...
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    The 'Have You Ever?' Game

    Well... I remember when I was little and I killed a goldfish and my aunt's hamster, but it was by accident. have you ever played a prank on someone?
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    never-ending cheat

    ... Teach it the 4 most powerfullest moves ever and max out all its stats, then cycle to the side of the screen and...
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    My childhood was a bit on-off. There were bad things like getting bullied and being a sore loser, but there were some good things as well like making friends and doing well in my grades. I imagine my childhood as like a giant fruit salad of memories!
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    use a shovel. Why does It take 3 hours for a ipod to charge?
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    never-ending cheat

    ...make a shiny female rapidash learn solar beam while in the of lake valor. Then you...
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    Say first thing you think of about what the last person said

    manager/director person
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    = game

    tough/smart/beauty/cute = super contests
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    ice cream if all my days are numbered, why do I keep counting?
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    = game

    tramp = eating out of bins
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    Attachments to pokemon

    I've always been attached to Ninetales - in all of the pokemon games that i've been able to get my mits on (ha!). But out of all of them... it would have to be Bailey - my level 85 Ninetales from my Platinum game... I love it so much...
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    = game

    Arctic Blast = is that even a move?
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    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.

    Definately, yes. Are we slowly going mad?
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    How old are you?

    I've just turned 14 this week...
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    Throw an Object at the Next Poster

    catches it in a pokeball. Throws a water pistol at the NP.
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    Give the poster above a Dex entry!

    (cringes) Anyway.... Dawsoc the yawning pokemon. As an abreviated word for 'door sock', it blocks narrow passages with it's giant torso.it has a habit of yawning loudly.
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    Is it on your iPod?

    nope. Worried about Ray - The Hoosiers
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    favorite things to do in freetime

    ummm...Drawing, going on the laptop, playing on the wii / DS and listening to music...
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    Would You Rather...?

    touch dry ice. Would you rather be squashed by a falling object or get run over?