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    The Regular Show

    A thread to discuss the regular show. (there is no other thread on it) It's on cartoonnetwork, and its about a 23 year old blue bird and a 23 year old racoon working in a park, and their extremely funny, yet dimwitted antics. (one topic could be the benson gumball slot opening o.o or when...
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    Castelia Art House

    WELCOME TO THE CASTELIA ART HOUSE!!! we do all sorts of art, and we work hard on it! time for the rules, you'll get a strike if you break ANY of them: 1. do NOT rush us. we all work hard, and we get busy sometimes, life happens, or the waitlist gets full. 2. all serebii rules apply...
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    trick room terror!

    Scizor @Focus Sash Technician Brave or Sassy 252 def 252 spdef 6 HP -Iron Head -X-scissor -Bullet Punch -U-turn pretty simple, but useful, and i cant get bug bite :/ Slowbro @Leftovers Regenerator(Hidden ability) Quiet 252 SPd 252 SPatk 6 def -Trick Room -Slack Off -Surf/Scald...
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    its my first ever RP so yeah feel free to criticize welcome! this is an RP where you are a pokemon who is on a TV station with many talking pokemon! each pokemon has their own show, but they all interrupt eachothers shows, (example can only be used by me) DW politoed weather being interrupted...
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    stupid things in pokemon

    have you noticed that every season ash breaks some girls bike? or how brocks eyes are always closed but he always seems to see girls? and what gender is pikachu?! post more weird stuff about pokemon here~
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    my pokemon white team~

    sawsbuck lv 69 swords dance return jump kick horn leech excadrill lv 69 x-scissor drill run earthquake rock slide samurott lv 70 megahorn ice beam swords dance aqua tail braviary lv 69 rock slide shadow claw fly brave bird reuniclus lv 69 focus blast psychic...
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    team help Q~Q

    my team is always changing but heres how it is now...theres an empty slot and i dunno what to fill it with Q~Q my team is lv 39 sawsbuck, lv 60 excadrill, lv 68 samurott, lv 67 braviary, and lv 67 reuniclus Q~Q help me fill the last slot!!! (i have to be able to look at the pokemon without...