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    Pokemon SS switching DS

    Right so there's an issue with wi-fi on my DSi (it's actually more to do with my internet but meh) basically I have to use my old DS to connect and get the yellow forest but does anyone know how putting it into a different DS will effect it? does it stop me doing daily things for a certain...
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    Charizard = Mamoswine

    ;006; (Spoiler Warning >.>) ;473; Has anyone noticed Mamoswine starting to take the place of Charizard? I mean look at the facts -Both caught on first form -Both stopped obeing trainer after evolving -Both incredible power houses So yeah.. Think about it Could Mamoswine be Dawns...
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    Firefox 3.0.1

    Today I Updated My Firefox To 3.0.1 And Now It Won't Load Any Of My Tabs, All Other Browsers Are Fine And Firefox Was Working Fine Before I Updated It, Anyone Know How I Can Fix This?
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    Pokemon Gods?

    As Most People Now Know Arceus Is The God In Pokemon But Looking At Things I Only Think He Created Pokemon So He's What I Think. This Is What I Think Each Pokemon Created (In Game/Anime) Arceus = All Pokemon Dialga = Time Palkia = Space Rayquaza = Sky Kyogre = Sea Groudon = Land Uxie =...
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    Glaceon Needs A Move Set!

    Rate My Team, Give Suggestions & Suggest Move Set + Item For Glaceon ;006; Charizard ;006; (Lonely) @ Charcoal Level: 100 -Heat Wave -Blast Burn -Fire Blast -Fly ;009; Blastoise ;009; (Modest) @ Sea Incense Level: 100 -Earthquake -Hydro Pump -Hydro Cannon -Ice Beam ;254...
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    Gary's Starter?

    Most People Say It Was Squirtle But Have You Ever Thought That It May Have Been Eevee He Had Them Both Since We First Saw Him Also On Pokemon Yellow Wich Is Ment To Be Like The Anime He Has Eevee, So Any Thoughts? Note: Deleted First Thread Because I Forgot Poll
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    Only Level 50?

    When You Watch Eugene (That Old Guy In The Town With Celebi) Battle He Has A Pikachu He Claims It To Be His First Ever Pokemon Yet It's Only On Level 50 I Mean Rubbish..
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    Battle Anyone?

    - FC: 5327 - 2929 - 7854 - Level 100 - Double Battle - See Diamond Team For Pokemon
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    Shiny Transformtion

    Shiny Transform First I Wanna Say I Noticed Alot The Same About Ditto And Mew Both Are Pink But Blue As Shiny And There The Only Pokemon That Know Transform, But Anyway If A Shiny Mew/Ditto Uses Transform Does It Turn Into A Shiny Whatever And If An Normal Mew/Ditto Uses Transform On A Shiny...
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    Agh It's Pikachu.

    I Know Everyone Is Ment To Lolve Pikachu But Personaly He's Kinda Getting On My Nervs Now I Just Want Them To Do Something Good With Him, Wha'd You Think They Should Do. I Think They Shouild Either Pre Evolve Him Into Pichu Somehow, Evolve Him Into Raichu, Give Him A Couple Of Baby Pichu's To...
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    My Pokemon Diamond Team

    Charizard - ;006; lvl - 100 Moves - Flamethrower Fire Blast Blast Burn Fly Blastoise - ;009; lvl - 100 Moves - Earthquake Hydro pump Hydro Cannon Ice Beam Mewtwo - ;150; (Still In Training) lvl - 92 Moves - Phychic Blizzard Shadow Ball Phyco Cut Zapdos - ;145; lvl -...