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    The Future I Seize (1223)

    Honestly surprised Goh didn't catch Mew. But I understand the reason why he didn't. Moving forward to the potential Gen 9 anime I though Goh was a lock because Mew is literally the skeleton key to every single Pokemon in existence. Even Paradox Pokemon. Just generally surprised is all like Goh...
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    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    My guess is that Geeta bought the Pokemon World Championships, it's either that Nemona invites Ash as the sitting Monarch to become the Top Champion. My assumption is that either character will be inviting Ash to go to Paldea. As presently I don't see Ash leaving the show. But with the...
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Right now my expectation is if the anime were to continue Ash, Goh and Chloe continue on to Paldea. It's as seamless of a transition as possible. Honestly think about it. If I was a betting man. That would be expectation. With as much criticism Journeys gets it's as seamless of a transition as...
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    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    As much as I've been critical of Pokemon Journeys, the 1v1 fight between Leon's Charizard and Ash's Pikachu is the best singular battle in the anime's history. Surpassing Paul's Electivire vs Ash's Infernape and Alain's Mega Charizard X vs Ash's Greninja. In my opinion and it's not because Ash...
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    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    Holy cow Rose and Oleana were actually outside of the stadium during the climax.
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    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    The move was B Thunderbolt referencing Pokemon Masters EX' Ash's appearance.
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    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    At least nobody can tell me Ash's Solgaleo isn't a thing. He owns Solgaleo.
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    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    Like we all should figure out how this is going to end. Ash's Pikachu beats Leon's Charizard. Leon's Cinderace is going to remind Ash of Goh. Goh re-appears thanks to Mew using Teleport to get to the stadium meaning Mew's still on the loose and it's not captured by the Project Mew crew...
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    November 4th: PM2019 131 - The Finals III: Strongest

    I'm at the point where I want to see the following. Ash's Pikachu vs Leon's Charizard is setup as the final climactic match right, so the strongest challenger vs the strongest champion has been the tagline for this battle. I want Leon's Eternatus to interrupt this battle to cause Leon's...
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    Finals II: Toying (1219)

    Okay I'm intrigued. Dragonite vs Dragapult brought back memories of Drake's Dragonite in the Orange League vs Ash's Charizard. Hell yeah. But I did call it. Dragapult essentially toying with Ash with Dragon Tail causing Ash's Pokemon to switch. Leading to Ash's Mega Lucario being defeated...
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    October 28th: PM2019 130 - The Finals II: Toying

    Interesting, very interesting. Assumption is Mr. Rime vs Sirfetch'd (Sirfetch'd draws with Mr. Rime) Dragapult vs Mega Lucario. (Dragapult has Cursed Body, leading to Bullet Punch being disabled). Leading to Mega Lucario's recall. Potential Faint. Dragapult vs Dracovish (Dragapult with W after...
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    September 30th: PM2019 127 - Go and Aceburn! The Place Where It All Began!!

    Now I've wondered about this. The question is are they crazy enough to do it. Leon asks Ash to use Eternatus during their battle. As with Leon's Charizard and Rillaboom's feats in tournament. it's difficult enough to picture Eternatus on Leon's team as well. Unless Zacian appears out of no...
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    The Semifinals IV: Impact (1214)

    Ash always has that stunned look on his face when he wins against specific opponents. Did the same vs Gary in the Johto league as well.
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    The Semifinals IV: Impact (1214)

    Greninja taught Lucario how to control its heart beat. (Like a ninja) If people are confused. Greninja's ability does that automatically while Lucario's doesn't. It's another dimension to Lucario's Aura and to further sync up with Ash in a different manner. I'm just still buzzing about a full...
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    The Semifinals IV: Impact (1214)

    I didn't mind the ending at all. Getting into a full on fist fight with Cynthia's Garchomp is pretty insane strategy dude. The battle between Togekiss and Lucario being a tad longer makes for a lot sense in hindsight. Dynamax vs Mega aside. Cynthia's strategy being to focus on Flinching for...
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    Yeah I think Ash's Lucario is going to learn Dragon Pulse coming up in this battle. Especially if Cynthia's Garchomp isn't going to change its moveset. Let me explain, Ash's Pikachu and Lucario are set up similarly. Let me explain Ash's Pikachu has ThunderBolt, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and...
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    The Semifinals III: Valor (1213)

    Man Ash is in a fight. Pretty much going into this battle Ash has been under the impression that Cynthia would Mega Evolve Garchomp due to its prior battle with Iris. She turns around with a Dynamax band. Even then her strategy is sound here. After the clash of Sirfetch'd and Garchomp with...
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    The one thing that this saga has surprised me in not doing is a Sir Aaron crossover 2 part episode similar in structure to the 2 part epiosde of Guzzlord/Zeraora in Sun and Moon. They have the ability to do it. As that could've easily brought Ash's Lucario's arc full circle. (People would still...
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    The Semifinals II: Dazzle (1212)

    Spiritomb vs Dragonite pretty much went as expected through the initial trailer that was shown. Dragonite losing early does leave a bad taste in my mouth but this entire battle was structured like Ash's battle against Paul in the Sinnoh League but with Spiritomb and Sleep being the equivilant of...
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    I honestly don't mind that Iris didn't use Hydreigon. But what I am surprised at is Lance using one instead. When Lance easily could've used a Kingdra against Diantha. That's my guess is to give more to Diantha from the Diantha-Lance battle. But then that begs the question is they re-use...