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    Favorite Month?

    What is your favorite month? My favorite month is July. I really like summer months because I'm a summer baby, and plus not to mention no school? (: Anyways, post your favorite month and explain why. (:
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    MTV Music Awards.

    If you watched the MTV music awards, then discuss it here. So what did you think about it? I am really frustrated at Kanye West for what he did to Taylor Swift... that was just sooooo rude. I'm still angry at him. I can't believe he actually did that. And I liked Lady Gaga's performance... so...
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    Super Mario RPG Fan Club

    Welcome to the... Super Mario RPG Fan Club! Well pretty much this club is to discuss various topics and chat about the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game, as well as the other Mario RPG games which are... If you are a HUGE fan of any of the Mario RPGs, then this club is...