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    would you like to battle? my fc is 2106 5676 8980

    would you like to battle? my fc is 2106 5676 8980
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    PEZ thread

    they have a pikachu pez
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    PEZ thread

    Do you guys like the pez dispensers? If you do, discuss about anything pez here.
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    What is your favorite musical instrument?
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    The Heat Death

    I was reading on the internet that this thing called "heat death" will happen. It is when the energy in the universe is completely evenly distributed, causing no energy in the universe, and the universe is destroyed. What do you guys think about it. ___________________ Don't call me a...
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    Grandfather Paradox thread

    woah, so many replies for my thread. :)
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    Legendaries lost meaning?

    35/493 pokemon are legendary. That is a really small amount compared to the overall. Besides, there are only one legendary pokemon of its kind, so i would say its pretty rare and they still deserve meaning.
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    Possible counters for Garchomp

    max empoleon with 252 ev sp. atk and 31 iv sp. attack. Use focus sash, one ice beam should ohko garchomp.
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    Grandfather Paradox thread

    What do you guys think of the grandfather paradox? You go back in time and kill your grandpa, so you cannot be born in the first place. Then you can't go back in time in the first place and kill your grandpa. What do ya think?
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    Jokes thread

    How about this: There was a man living in a farm with his extremely stupid son. One day, when a visitor is about to come, the man told his son, "When he comes in, he'll ask where I am, tell him 'he is in his office.' When he goes further, he'll see a stump. Tell him that the tree was cut off...
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    I have Pokemon Pearl, so where can I see a Scyther to get it into my pokedex?
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    Hi there Gothic Fairy.

    Hi there Gothic Fairy.
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    ignore my challenge:| I needed to do something else.

    ignore my challenge:| I needed to do something else.
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    Stupidest thing you ever done

    Hey, just for fun, what is the most stupid thing you guys ever done. For me, I once walked around asking people if they seen my backpack, it was on my back the whole time. So what's your story? :)
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    The Angry Thread

    If you are angry, put it down here to cure you of your anger, say anything, anything! Moderators, please don't delete this thread, this is important.
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    Most Prized Pokemon?

    My awesome Empoleon
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    Bakugan or NEW VESTROIA!?

    Bakugan, now all they do is use the same bakugan over and over again and continue a streak before someone loses in New Vestroia. The old Bakugan was more fruitful, with more than just one bakugan.
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    Favorite Yugioh Hero

    Vote! Who's the best protagonist: Yugi, Jaden, or Yusei? I vote Yusei.
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    Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse

    Who do you like better? Warner Brother's Bugs Bunny or Disney's Mickey Mouse.
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    The Most Useless Move...

    Splash, it's a waste of a turn in a battle.