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  1. K

    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    Wii Fit Trainer girl? The hell? What would her special moves be? Standard: Exercise Side Standard: ...Run in place? Up Standard: ...Stretch kick? Down Standard: ...She pulls out a Wii Fit pad and tosses it? That's two WTF characters in one day. And this one... I don't see how it will work.
  2. K

    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    Hm, I had hoped a thread of this nature would be opened in response to the recent revelation. I'm glad to see that I now have a reason to frequent these boards once more. I'm quite excited to see Mega Man, seeing as I just experienced the entirety of the second game relatively recently and I...
  3. K

    OVGD's Top 100 Games of all Time

    Two games per series? Goddamn it! Now you're making me choose between Super Metroid and Zero Mission. Of course, at least now people can't just mindlessly flood their lists with Mario and Zelda. (Also, how you worded that rule in the OP is a tad confusing—it's worded like you can only use...
  4. K

    Video Games You've Played for 100+ Hours

    Pokémon games: - Silver, 1000+ - Crystal, ~100 - Sapphire, ~200 - FireRed, 600+ - Emerald, 300+ - Pearl, ~150 - SoulSilver, 350+ - White, ~300 Also, Gears of War 2 and any Bethesda RPG Morrowind or after, and any 2D Metroid game.
  5. K

    Arkham Games

    No, you weren't the only one to have thought that. As soon as Batman mentioned a "man that was exposed to this compound for centuries," I had in my mind Liam Neeson from Batman Begins coupled with "Rahz" (as I thought it was pronounced) al Ghul. Then Batman said "Raysh" al Ghul, and I was all...
  6. K

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I have an Argonian mage/thief/warrior/blacksmith/alchemist/enchanter/lockpicker named Ne'Ut Ikto. He is also the Arch-Mage and Head Thief, and married to a female Argonian named Shahvee. He is level 37 and still has not met Esbern, which should be indicative of how far he is in the main...
  7. K

    Assassin's Creed Thread

    AC1 was a good game, but it did get repetitive. I liked how it had that sense of moral ambiguity associated with every target, while all other AC games immediately vilify every assassination target, with one or two exceptions, namely one in Revelations. AC2 is my favorite of the series. It...
  8. K

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Argonians were unbelievably cheap in Oblivion (though they were much more balanced in Morrowind); well-balanced stats slightly leaning towards stealthy skills, inherent water breathing, high resistance to disease and immunity to poison, and virtually no significant weakness whatsoever. But...
  9. K

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Nope. But I keep checking everyday just in case.
  10. K

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I have it all paid-for up on Steam, and will have my cousin install it the day it comes out. It's my most anticipated game this year with Batman and ACR as close runner-ups.
  11. K

    Metroid Discussion Thread

    Fix'd. Prime 3 had the easiest bosses. Rundas can't hold a candle to Thardus (Prime) and can't even generate a spark to likes of the Boost and Spider Guardians (Prime 2).
  12. K

    Those Tearful Moments In Your Game Playthroughs

    Getting 100% in Red Dead Redemption. Best part? I achieved it by gaining Rank 10 in Master Hunter. That means I got an achievement notice saying "Redeemed" upon killing Brumas the Bear, the strongest animal in the game. I was tearful. Getting the "Hardcore" achievement on Fallout: New Vegas...
  13. K

    Metroid Discussion Thread

    Charge Plasma. Faster, less expensive, and only slightly weaker than a Super Missile. You'll shred him. I meant when he becomes nigh irreversibly incapacitated. By having a planet explode with his then-lifeless body still within. He's playing Trilogy, so he'll have it easier.
  14. K

    Have you ever accidentally destroyed any of your Nintendo games?

    My DS Phat, bought in 2005, broke last year (hinge split). Well not really, it still works, but it annoys me because I'm such a perfectionist. Besides, it was all my dogs' fault! See, I had it plugged into the wall to charge, and set it up on the table. My dogs then decided "Hey! Let's...
  15. K

    WarioWare series discussion thread

    Well this is one of my favorite Nintendo series, being the only game series (with more than four entries) in which I own all entries and have beaten them, alongside Metroid. With that said, Twisted is my favorite. Just because of everything you could do with it. It's a shame I lost my copy...
  16. K

    Games you cheated on

    I used to cheat on Sapphire with an AR, long ago, but quit when it completely wrecked my game. Since then, I've NEVER used an external cheating device. So all my Pokémon games since then are clean. But if there's an in-game cheating console, I'm all for it. Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Oblivion...
  17. K

    Metroid Discussion Thread

    Sure, if Nintendo wants to end that story on a dark note. That is, if they even bother making a sequel to Fusion.
  18. K

    Metroid Discussion Thread

    Other M's gameplay was really damn good, a bit flawed, but that was mostly the controls' fault. I'd love to see more Metroid games with that gameplay format (albeit slightly modified). It wasn't even the story that was the problem. It was Samus's character, plus her many monologues (a lot of...
  19. K

    Video game character crushes

    I never really crushed on video game characters since I was either too young to care (when I was a small boy) or too focused on real life crushes. Oh yeah, I went there. (No, I didn't even crush on Samus)
  20. K

    Metroid Discussion Thread

    Zero Mission is an excellent game to start with too, considering it's a remake of the original. Considering how large the organization is, I highly doubt that's the only Pirate Homeworld.