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    Pokemon x Pokemon Shipping Thread: because they need love too~

    The old thread lived a long and fulfilling life, but is sadly no longer with us, so: welcome, my friends, to the wonderful world of Pokemon x Pokemon shippings~! With so many different Pokemon, potential combinations, dynamics and scenarios - the possibilities for PxP shipping are virtually...
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    ...I didn't see a thread about these movies, so I hope it's okay if I start one ^^;; anyway, as the title might suggest, here is a place to talk about all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! For those of you that don't know, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the umbrella term for all the...
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    New! But not!

    ...this feels kinda stupid, but yeah. Hello, SPPf, I'm Whiscash, lovely to meet you ^.^ I was active on here, mostly on the Shippers Community boards a couple of years ago and now I'm back - probably a lot because of X/Y, which as you know are the BEST games and rekindled my Pokemon obsession a...
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    Learning Curve [Glistenshipping, PG]

    Hello~ So it's been a long time since I wrote anything, but then I unexpectedly fell in love with Candice/Maylene (blame the bit in Platinum when you're going to Snowpoint City and you see Maylene on the way to "practise training" *waggles eyebrows*) and, um, this happened. XD I'll be posting...
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    Real Person Shippings (=O?)

    **mod-approved, y'all~** So, yeah, as the title suggests - ships involving real, actual, living or have-lived people. What's your take on them? Not sure how this could apply to Pokémon per se (you could ship...the voice actors? I don't know, I don't even know who they are now, TBH), but the...
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    Leap of Faith [Gypsyshipping, G]

    Leap of Faith Author: Whiscash Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokémon or have any affiliation with anyone who does. Rating: G. Pairing: Gypsyshipping [Quilava/Kirlia]. Warnings: None, unless you’re somehow offended by Pokémon/Pokémon stuff. Notes: Written for Igottapoo for the Shippers Secret...
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    Complex [oneshot, various Ash shippings, PG-13]

    Hello there. ^^; This is the first time I've posted anything in this section, and the first thing I've written in...a long time, so I would love any feedback, any at all. Well, anything that isn't flames of course, but if you flame me for this, you probably shouldn't be reading Pokémon...