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  1. p96822

    Personality, evolution and interaction with Pokemon

    This is an interesting topic I want to talk about. When a Pokemon like Greninja, Talonflame or Luxray evolve. People said that they lose there personalities as a result. I think this is kind of a misconception and that it more that the Pokemon don't get the chance to show their personalities...
  2. p96822

    Why aren't there any more Pokemon tournaments before the Pokemon League

    This has been a problem since XY. Why aren't there tournaments in the series anymore beside the Pokemon League. Something that I liked in Pokemon Black and White is that when we have a tournament arc that we learn what Pokemon the rivals had, giving the side character something to do, and giving...
  3. p96822


    Korrina would be a perfect bride for Clemont lol http://i.imgur.com/cMOa0tE.png
  4. p96822

    Ash X Millefeui

    I think we have some cute moment with this couple
  5. p96822

    Pokemon Black and White: Unova Leauge rewrite

    This is my fanfic on here and I hope that I'm following the rules on here. Chapter 1 Unova League Begins .Ash, Iris and Cilan finally made it to Vertress City. It was pretty large city with food stands, gift shops and other places. There were many people from all over ready to see the...
  6. p96822

    Why do people like Misty

    This is something I have been thinking about for a long time and I was wondering why do people like her? This is a Disscusion not a bashing
  7. p96822

    Top 5 Pokemon legaue

    I want your oppenion on this, no bashing 5 Kanto 4 Sinnoh 3 Unova 2 Johto 1. Honnen
  8. p96822

    Will Iris resepect Ash more after seeing Charizard

    I hope to see the look on her cute face when sees him xD
  9. p96822

    Who want Iris to return in X and Y Anime

    I truelly want to see what Iris will do in this series after Bw