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  1. Electricbluewolf

    Do you ever get a "feeling" from packs?

    When buying packs or tins, do you ever get a feeling on whether it will be good or not? When I buy packs/tins, if my fingers go numb, it's usually good-8/10 out of ten, it's been right. So does anyone else get good vibes from packs?
  2. Electricbluewolf

    {Official} Claim a Movie/TV Show {V.4}

    ♥‿♥ Official Claim a Movie/TV Show, V.4 ♥‿♥ Approved by Profesco All claims from V.3 are now null/void etc Updated: 23/01/16 wow nearly 4 years old Welcome to Claim a Movie/TV Show V.4. Here you may claim your favorite Movie/TV Show. V.3 was closed as it hasn't been updated since the end of...
  3. Electricbluewolf

    ~x~.:Howling Sprite Productions:.~x~

    Sprite till you have no arms left! The shop is CLOSEDDDDD! And now the Rules: *Of course~ Follow the Golden Serebii rules * Do not spam~ Pretty simple. Anything which isn't an order or a thank-you will be ignored and reported *Forms~ Use the Forms. I've even done them for you *Rule of 5~ I...
  4. Electricbluewolf

    Nuclear Weapons: Should countries be allowed to have them?

    Ok, after having some lessons on nuclear weapons at school, I was wondering if countries really need them. Like did you know that the U.K has 30 nuclear sub-mariens in the waters, 'for guarding and testing'. And when will there be a war where we really, really need them? Or do we need them on...
  5. Electricbluewolf

    Electricbluewolf's little shop of horros and graphics

    Welcome! Happy browsing! This shop is CLOSED Thank you Sweet may! Exapmles!: Cards: ~!Cosplayers were Light Venusaur's idea!~ More coming soon! Rules: Follow the Serebii rules NO SPAM USE THE FORMS. ALOT HAVE PEOPLE HAVENT SO I'VE HAD TO PUT THIS RULE IN NO making fun...
  6. Electricbluewolf

    Have you ever been really angry?

    Have you ever been really angry at something and broke something you didn't want to. I punched my dslite as i wasn't winning on a game. it snapped in two.sniff,,,
  7. Electricbluewolf


    Hi im electricbluewolf! (Ebw) I've been playing pokemon all my life and have loads of stuff about it.( I also play a load of other games. Just ask! I have no idea what im doing and i know one person (Charaligator) Can you all tell me if my profile picture has work? I dont know what to do!;132;;