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    How do you eat?

    Do you eat your food fast or slow? Or somewhere in the middle? I usually eat fast unintentionally, it's just on impulse from always being in a hurry. What about ya'll?
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    Breakin' the Rulez

    This Game is where the above poster comes up with a rule and the next person has to come up with a creative way to break it. Example: And so on and so on... Best breakin' of the rulez wins a free keychain! I'll start off!: No playing Pokemon in the dungeon.
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    I was surprised there was no threads on this epic internet Phenomenon! Anyways, Cleverbot is... a bot that can carry out human conversation! It can be very random at times, sometimes a bit of a jerk(lol). It learns from humans so you may teach it something unintentionally. It knows alot more...
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    Fun little team with BBQ and Ice Cream!

    In-Game gentleman/ladies, So I don't give a crap if I'm sweeped by competitive strategies. So I got another White a few days ago(for 8$!) and started a file! Remember that I'm not going to go breed for eggmoves or natures since it's just ingame, so no asking to Teach them eggmoves or changing...
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    The Team of Teamness

    So the Autumn Friendly WiFi Tournament is coming up, and I think I'll enter since I don't have to go anywhere.:P I want to at least do decently, so rating is wanted! Okay, since offense is my specialty, this team is mainly going to be taking down the opponent rather than stalling. Remember that...
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    Zoroark Discussion

    Insprired by other Discussion threads, I introduce to you one of the most unique pokemon that the 5th Gen. brought us: Zoroark Zoroark is a cool pokemon. Not only does he look like a beast, but he's got the power of one to! 105/120/105 offensive stats are nothing to scoff at, and these...
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    The Legend of the Tao Trio

    PM List: Okay, this is my first Fan Fic, so help is appreciated. This is based off of the Tao Trio(AKA, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem). Rating: PG for Violence(In later chapters) Chapter 1: Icy Tales “Once upon a time, there were two twins. They controlled a single powerful...
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    Do you think Serebii.net might get Hacked?

    Yes, I believe there is a possiblilty. There has been a lot of recent hacking going on lately on websites/communities like every week. For example, today Bioware got hacked. We're a pretty big website so SOMEONE might want to hack us. Note that anything can be hacked, so don't say it's...
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    Team SandSmashers!

    So I’ve been trying to make a 5th gen. Sand Team and this is what I came up with: Tyranitar@ Choice Specs Trait: Sand Stream Nature: Modest Evs: 252Hp/252satk/4def Moveset: - Ice Beam - ThunderBolt - Flamethrower - Dark Pulse This is one of my few special sweepers of this...
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    Liligant Vs. Leavanny

    Yeah, 2 simular grass types. Liligant is the special based version of Leavanny, who is a physical attacker. Lol, Liligant looks like the Female while Leavanny is the Male. Their design's are a bit simular also. Who do you think is best?
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    The Kill the person in front of you Game!

    The rules are basic. You say how your going to kill the person in front of you and then the next person does it to you! Ex: I'll drop an exploding bannana on your head while your eating a vegetable. Next Person: I'll cause you to spontaniously combust with my magic pencil eraser! and...
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    Shot for a 5th generation team

    Accelgor Item: Damp Rock Trait: Hydration Nature: Timid Evs: 252satk/252spd/4hp Moveset: -Spikes -Rain Dance -Bug Buzz -Encore A lead set. Start things off by using spikes. If they didn't attack, then here's were the real pain comes. I use encore to trap them into using that move...
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    Question about the ability Quick Feet

    Hi, the other day my friend and I were battling. I knocked out 5 of his pokemon to find his last pokemon was a sucker punch using mightyena. I knocked down it's pp by using non-attacking moves. Once my Pikachu was KOed, it activated pikachu's static ability. I sent out my Alakazam, and he...
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    Who's that Pokemon?

    This game is simple. You right a description of a pokemon without saying it's name and the next person has to figure out what it is and then write there description. Example: What's red, swims, and wears a crown? Next person: It's Magikarp! What has eight legs and has a big nose...
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    Strong OU Trick Room Team

    I came up with this while I was bored. ;233;Porygon2 Item: Leftovers Nature: Quiet EVs: 170HP/170Def/170Sdef Ability: Trace Moveset: -Trick Room -Recover -Toxic -Ice Beam This is my lead pokemon. I start things off with trick room. Porygon2 is more of a supporting defesive...
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    My Platinum Team

    ;157; Item: Charcoal Nature: Serious Moves: -Earthquake -ThunderPunch -Eruption -Flamethrower ;330; Item: King's Rock Nature: Adamant Moves: -Earthquake -Steel Wing -Dragon Claw -Fly ;474; Item: Choice Specs Nature: Rash Moves: -Tri Attack -Dark Pulse -Ice Beam -Hyper...