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    Fire Type Pokemon Club

    Welcome to the Fire Type Pokemon Club! Deep in Stark Mountain, the lovers of fire-type Pokemon meet to express their love. BURN BABY, BURN! I'm HetaOni as most of you know. Fire has been my favourite type since I was only 4! Only those who feel burning passion for fire-types may enter. Discuss...
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    Hetalia Club

    Welcome to the Hetalia Club! Where Countries Join Forces. Rules: 1. This club is about Hetalia. If you want to talk about another anime, go join a different club. 2. Don't be mean to each other or fight over something stupid. 3. No spam or one-liners. Doing this could result in the closing of...
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    Caption the Above Picture

    It's simple, the above poster posts a picture and the next poster captions it and posts their own picture. Rules: 1. No spamming,swearing,or rude captions/comments. 2. Follow SPPF rules 3. No,they don't HAVE to be from Pokemon. 4. No innappropriate pictures 5. Have Fun! ^___^ Me First...
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    Team Winter

    You don't have to be big to be strong.Everyone is special in their own way. In the land of Winter one oshawott had formed a team called Team Winter Welcome to Team Winter,a clan that works together to survive in the harsh and snowy land of Winter!In this clan we battle to live,even if we...
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    HatenaCAMERON's Dsi Animations

    Welcome to HatenaCAMERON's Dsi Animations! The shop is currently:OPEN! Waiting List ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rules(follow them or else!): 1. Don't be rude to the workers! 2. Please don't ask for anything you know is way too difficult. 3. I can also only do 3 requests per person(1...
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    The Legend of Raichu

    The Legend of Raichu Chapter 1: Hurricane Irene "Cameron...Cameron...CAMERON WAKE UP!" "Huh?What?" Cameron said lazily. Cameron is raichu with red violet glasses.She had just been through hurricane Irene.Her family tried to evacuate Jackson,New Jersey,but had already been too...
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    Hate bullying new serebii members

    I hate how people bully the new serebii members!Protest!