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    Help with Paint

    Recently I got a new computer, but was unable to transfer my work across from the old one. Whilst most of it was rubbish anyway, there was some stuff for working on sprites for my sig. Rather than get them off my old computer, which would take ages (long story), I decided to start again. So I...
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    Closest pokemon related item to you

    Aside from the games, what's the nearest thing, to where you currently are, to do with pokemon? For me, it's a talking pikachu toy from burger king (ebay job lot) which has become my unoffical desk mascot. Got a pouch in its back that has no real purpose, so its storing spare change at the mo...
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    Silliest thing you've done in the games

    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done in the games? Mine would probably be wandering into the elite four just now, with only a torterra, charizard, feraligatr, elekid and buneary. I meant ot just go in to buy some max repels for chaining bibarels for attk evs, but kept going up and...
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    Shiny eggs hatching?

    When is the first chance you get to know if a egg hatched pokemon is shiny? Is it on the screen when it hatches, or is it like the starters and you have to check in summary first? Need to know as I'm starting the lengthy process of hatching a shiny charmander from an egg.
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    Your first card ever

    What was the first card that you remember getting? Mine was Charmander. I remember being given to it by a friend who was about a year older than me. I never had any cards and one day he just gave it to me. Still got it somewhere. Not in the best of condition but it sums up my pokemon...
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    Team help

    Anyone care to help me sort out my team? Charizard Slash Earthquake Flamethrower Fly This is the same moveset that my FR Zard had. Worked back then Feraligatr Slash Crunch Surf Ice Fang Luxray Tackle Spark Thunder Fang Crunch I have no idea why Tackle is still on...