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  1. Totokip

    Just an Old User

    Uh, heya. I've been inactive on here for maybe 6 or 7 years. I've been working on a living dex in gen 6, n this is the place that came to mind when I thought about where I could trade for some event mon. But more than that I've realized I miss the format of forums and really dislike pretty...
  2. Totokip

    Not Quite New.

    I'm not really new around here, but I've come back from a long period of inactivity. I may have logged in now and again, but that was really only for my profile and VMs. So, as you may imagine, I'm quite alienated by everything I see. Everything seems different, and it's hard to really make my...
  3. Totokip

    Fossil Fighters Champions

    Alright, for those that've played fossil fighters champions, you know it has wifi to battle other people. So I created this thread as a hub of sorts for those looking for a good fossil battle! Asking for a battle is as simple as just stating the rank of your vivosaurs, how strong of an opponent...
  4. Totokip

    How did you start playing video games?

    I stole this from another gaming website, hyopefully no-one else from that site notices. The title is pretty self explanitory, but you tell us how you started playing video games! Give lots of details if you please (what am I, an essay format or something?) Anyway, I'll start us off...
  5. Totokip

    Pikmin Club

    Hello and welcome to the pikmin club. This club is all about all things pikmin. I know this has been a increasingly popular series thanks to a youtube gent by the name of chuggaaconroy. So all you fans finally have a place to talk about pikmin. You can talk about virtually anything that has to...
  6. Totokip

    Krookodile or Tyranitar?

    Which one is more destructive in you're opinion? Or, which is you're favorite?
  7. Totokip

    Krookodile or Tyranitar?

    Which one is more destructive in you're opinion? Or, which is you're favorite?
  8. Totokip

    RireRed Team, any suggestions?

    FireRed Team, any suggestions? So far i have three of the pokemon I'm using. In their final evolved forms they would be: Venusaur Poliwrath Arcanine Electabuzz Any suggestions for final movesets or other pokemon on the team would be really appreciated.
  9. Totokip

    Any suggestions?

    I need help making a team for masters battle set 4 in battle revolution, anyone got any ideas? Ideas for usable pokemon include:Kecleon,Rampardos,Toxicroak,Lugia,
  10. Totokip


    okay guys this is an idea between alex pt and me. we decided to make a thread betwwenwhatpeople would use for teams in the hoenn region.please do not continue until you know what i use as rules: please give others your opinions on their ideas,label levels and show moves,moves have to be accurate...
  11. Totokip

    good diamond,pearl and platinum teams

    okay guys this is to to share and rate good ideas for in-game teams. i'm giving this rules.the rules are:the site rules,few or no legendaries per team(0-2 legendaries),please put mainly pokemon in tne sinnoh dex's(for refferance on the biggest/complete sinnoh dex go to...
  12. Totokip

    why give title?

    hehehe! nice title right guys? but to the point i decided to start a ''chat" about what eeveelution people like best . you can also create a personal rating chart if you want. i'm gonna do it eventually too. well my fav. is umbreon (the dark type). and i also might show you how to get all 7...