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    Gen 9 Pokedex - Discussion/Speculation Thread

    Title says it all. So far, we've seen 23 Pokemon. In addition to the new starters, we have Pikachu, Meowth, Psyduck, Magnemite, Hoppip, Blissey, Larvitar, Pelipper, Swablu, Seviper, Starly, Combee, Drifloon, Lucario, Petilil, Red Flower Flabebe, Clauncher, Bounsweet and Stonjourner. Also, you...
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    Sinnoh Dex 3.0 Speculation Thread

    I know they said every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex of Diamond and Pearl would make it in, but I'm making this thread anyway just to be sure. Besides, there could be a few new additions to it. So far, in addition to the obvious Sinnoh starter families and the legendary Dialga and Palkia, we know...
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    LF: Silvally, Cosmog or Cosmoem FT: Xurkitree

    I'm trying to make a Living Dex in Sun. I have a spare Xurkitree in that game, and I've been trying to trade it on GTS for nearly a year now. If someone would help me, it would be very appreciated.
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    How much does it cost to repair the 3DS and New 3DS Circle Pad?

    I think I played a lot of Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS on my New 3DS XL, now the Circle Pad on it is broken, as it was on my regular 3DS after I played a lot of Smash 3DS on it. I'm thinking about about sending them to Nintendo to repair them. I wanna know how much it costs.
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    Cross-Generation Transfer Speculation Thread

    I noticed no one has posted this kind of thread yet. So I'm doing the honors. The question of this thread: is there gonna be someway to transfer Pokemon caught in past generations from Generation VII to Generation VIII? And if so, how?
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    Gold, Silver and Crystal on 3DS VC - Discussion

    Well, as many of us fans hoped when Red, Blue and Yellow were re-released, Pokemon Gold and Silver are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console! Strangely there's no Crystal, but maybe they're waiting for 2018. What are your thoughts? EDIT 12/14: Crystal is coming too on January 26th, 2018!
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    Virtual Console Wishlist Thread

    Hey guys, I wanna know what you guys want for the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles. Nintendo's been slow with VC releases, and I think people should make list of what they want so that when that game comes out on it, they can cross it out. I'll go first with mine. This is for the US VC. Wii U...
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    DLC Wishes Thread

    I know Nintendo has said they might not do DLC for Pokken Tournament, but they have been known to pull an unexpected surprise every now and then. If they are planning DLC, what do you think it should be? I'll start and say I'm hoping to see Jigglypuff, Swampert, Zoroark and Greninja as DLC...
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    Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console - Discussion

    Well, the most unlikely Virtual Console release is happening. The original first generation of Pokemon on Game Boy!! What are your thoughts?
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    Question about Ranger 2 and 3 downloadable missions.

    Title says it all, and here it is. If I start a new file on either game, will the downloadable missions still be available after the game, or do I have to download them again? And if they are still available, can I still get the Mystery Gift Pokemon? (i.e. the two Manaphy eggs, Aura Sphere...
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    Where is the April 2015 CoroCoro leak?

    It should have leaked by now. Is someone trying to hide something from everyone on the internet like say, a big Pokemon announcement?
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    The Return of Team Magma and Team Aqua?!

    With the recent announcement of Pokémon OmegaRuby and Pokémon AlphaSapphire for 3DS, there are many questions as to how they will impact the anime, one of the most important being, "does this mean the villainous teams of Hoenn will be back?" What will their return mean for Ash and friends, plus...
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    If Capcom goes bankrupt, then which franchises should be sold to which companies?

    The title says it all. Me, I think Mega Man will go to either Nintendo or SEGA. Street Fighter, perhaps Bandai Namco. Darkstalkers could go to Bandai Namco as well. Monster Hunter would go with either Sony or Nintendo. Dead Rising would go to either Sony or Microsoft. Resident Evil could go to...
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    Should Pokemon Origins have more episodes?

    Pokemon Origins was a great anime special. It brought tons of nostalgia to players of Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen. The question is, should they make more episodes, on other generations? If you do, maybe you could speculate what the episodes will be about. I'll go first and say...
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    Your Review On Generation V

    OK, now that Generation V is almost over, I wanna know what everybody thought about it. I'd like everybody to post their own review on it right here on this thread. Here's how it will work, I want everyone to review it year by year, starting with 2010 and ending with 2013. I'd like each year to...
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    Poker Night 3 ideas

    I'm seeing a lot of these threads on the Internet, so I decided to start my own version. If Telltale ever makes a Poker Night 3, who would you like to see in it? Me, I'd like to see: Lisa Simpson: She would be the calm gentle player at the table, making sure no fights start during the game...
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    What do you expect at this year's E3?

    Me, I expect the following. A new Mario Party: It's pretty obvious that by now we will get an MP10 or an MP3DS. More Wii U information and games: All we got so far are the system itself and some third-party games. They got to reveal SSB4!!! Plans to release Pokedex 3D Pro in the US: I really...
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    The Virtual Console Wishlist Thread

    Anybody got games they wanna see on the Wii or 3DS Virtual Console? I decided to create a thread where everybody can post their VC wishlists and the reasons why they want the games in there. I'll go first. Wii VC: Mario Party (64): Can't have 2 without 1, can we? Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's...
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    Virtual Console anyone?

    Seriously, I think they should release these games on the 3DS Virtual Console. It seems to be a perfect way to play nostalgia. Do you guys think we should see Red, Blue, Yellow and maybe even Green on the 3DS Virtual Console? If so, than please explain why you think it should be on there.
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    Movie 15 and Onwards Predictions V2

    Since the last version of this thread got locked, I'd figure it would be best to start it over again. In this thread, you can talk about what you want for the remaining BW movies. You can say if you want the movie in versions, what Pokemon should be featured and what Pokemon would be disturbed...