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    Favourite battles with Ash in the entire anime?

    Now that I think about it, Ash has had a lot of great battles. Lots. I'll probably forget some. Kanto Ash VS Lt. Surge Ash VS Blaine (Rematch) Orange League Ash VS Drake Johto Ash VS Falkner Ash VS Clair (Final one) Ash VS Jackson Hoenn Ash VS Flannery Ash VS Winona Ash VS...
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    Which of ash's rivals do you think had a great part in the anime?

    Paul Paul is the only rival that has really made an impact on Ash. He's the only one that was really developed throughout the series and made Ash develop aswell. His battles with Ash were always great and his interactions with him were awesome. Gary was kind of a joke. Aside from some childish...
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    Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes

    I think it's exactly the other way. The Pokémon themselves were heavily featured, it was them who made the battles possible in the first place (for example, Croagunk was obviously the focus, not Jessie; the little "grudges" and "revenge" feelings that came from the Pokémon -like Staravia and...
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    Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes

    Everyone has different tastes, and that's why it's very hard to find a common "best". But I don't understand the thing you say about "battles". DP is the series that focused the most on battles. There was a battle almost every episode- gym battles/contest battles/rival battles/villain...
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    Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes

    Obviously, a full comparison is not possible; as BW! is still -young-. But comparing both series after their first 61 episodes, it's clear that Diamond & Pearl did much more things right. The first 60 episodes of Sinnoh were just too good. They not only were great episodes by their own, they...
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    Sweet May =3 It's been a long time! Thanks =') How are you?

    Sweet May =3 It's been a long time! Thanks =') How are you?
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    Well, a nice member of another forum has been researching about the points obtained in the Dream World. This is what was found: So... going by that... *11 berries watered: 110 points. *Sending over a Pokémon: 50 points. *16 games: 16x20= 320 points. Total: 480 points. You had...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    Nando's Kricketune also used Silver Wind. (Gin'niro no Kaze, used with Lopunny's Blizzard to create snowflakes). And well, I don't know if it should be added, but in one scene, Lopunny used a green orb to protect itself. No order was heard (Dawn was talking) but checking Lopunny's moveset...
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    Opposites Interact! (643)

    Well, before getting to the "omg, this was cheap" section, I'd like to say that this was a really nice episode. The battle wasn't -amazing-, but it was very good and enough to keep with a great Grand Festival. The music used was very good and although the animation wasn't great, I guess it was...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    Pretty sure Nando ordered Altaria to use "horobi no uta", which is Perish Song. It has a completely different animation, but this is a contest afterall.
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    Animation Directors Ver. 3

    Hirooka has done DP053 (Tears for Fears), 085 (Gligar evo), 098 (Lickilicky/Aoi), 105 (Rotom, although in this one Taguchi also was credited as AD), 111 (second episode of Riley and Lucario), 117 (Team Rocket episode with noodles) & 128 (Brandon vs Paul). I really like his work too, it's a shame...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    Something has been tormenting my mind since last week. These are the listed Urara's Plusle & Minun moves: However, I watched the episode like 3 times already (ha, I really like it!) and I can't hear "Houden" (Disharge) or "Juuden" (Charge). It seems I'm not the only one: He posted a summary...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    From today's episode: Ursula/Urara Gabite - Iron Tail (The same Iron Tail almost all Pokés use) - Sand Tomb (Urara ordered "sunajigoku", used to stop Jigglypuff) Jigglypuff - Rollout (Urara ordered "korogaru", Gabite juggles Jigglypuff) - Hyper Voice (Used to destroy Stone Edge) - Gyro...
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    Why You Still Watch Pokemon Today

    Because it is a nice way to spend my free time (when I don't want to go out). It still makes me laugh -a lot- and I really like to watch it, speculate about it and all those things... simple but fun. Pokémon gives me a nice chance to let my imagination run free, thinking about what, how and why...
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    Regaining the Home Advantage! (626)

    I feel that this episode deserves more comments- First of all, the animation of this episode was very, very good. I'm guessing Iwane was a Key Animator, as Natsume isn't this good. The "two-Pikachu" mistake is just a little mistake (hey, I don't think many people noticed it the first time...
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    Yeah, Ash ordered "Iwakudaki" (Rock Smash). I watched the episode a few minutes ago in a very good quality and I heard Iwakudaki the three times it was ordered.
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    From DP145: Kazunari: Totodile - Aqua Tail (same name, water rings' on the tail) - Crunch (glowing fangs, "kamikudaku" was ordered) - Superpower (Toto's body glows blue, Kazunari ordered "bakajikara") Gible - Strength (Gible's body glows white, Ash says it is Gible's "Kairiki")...
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    Pokémon Moves: Anime Debut

    Yes, they were confirmed. Brock and Meowth said the red beam was "Suitoru" (Absorb's japanese name) and later, Brock confirmed the green beam was "Seichou" (Growth's japanese name).
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    Pokémon Moves: Anime Debut

    Absorb and Growth were used by the wild Tangrowth in DP134 "King of the Forest!! Tangrowth!!". Absorb was the red beam and Growth the green one.
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    The Big Animé Move Catalog III

    Toxicroak used Rock Smash. Saturn ordered it to use "iwakudaki" (japanese name of Rock Smash).