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    Is Ignorance Bliss?

    Alright, so I'm sure you've heard of that saying "Ignorance is Bliss," but the simple fact is that most people can't handle not knowing things. Of course it's important to know things, and everyone wants to know things even if they later realize how stupid they were to want to know something...
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    Pokemon: Galactic Distortions

    POKEMON: GALACTIC DISTORTIONS Rated PG for violence and mild blood and harsh language (or something, if that's too low of a rating then ok, I just want to have some fun by not censoring everything.) Well, I really like RPing so I figured I would make one, and Platinum's storyline is pretty...
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    too many legendaries?

    well, this is my first thread and I'm a little worried that there's another thread like this or people will think this is spam or something, but here goes... in diamond and pearl, they added many new legendaries, 8 I think platinum added 6 more, the birds and the regis, making the total 14...